Tired Wednesday

Yesterday may have been Super Tuesday, but today I just feel tired. Nothing was decided with the Democrats. I'm glad that Obama did well, but Clinton has a few more Delegates at the moment (632 to 626) according to CNN, but the numbers seem to keep changing.

From what I read there, if you include Superdelegates, then Clinton has 825 and Obama has 732. Looking here the numbers look different, but CNN may be more reliable.

I'm very disappointed in Massachusetts and California. I thought we would both go with Obama. This year I'm going to be a Delegate to the Massachusetts State Convention again. I had been planning to find out about becoming a Delegate to the National Convention in Colorado, but if Clinton is the nominee, I don't know that I can happily go and cast a vote for her. It would make me feel depressed enough to have to vote for her in November.

It's pouring rain outside and it's draining my energy. So instead of trying to write up the post that I've been planning to write for months, instead let me direct you to the World Nutella Day Roundup. Here is Part 1 and Part 2. There are some really cool recipes and photos in both places. I told you about my entry here. Enjoy!

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I'm even more confused about the election today than I was yesterday. I still have to cast my online vote (still a few more days left). I'm tired too ;)
Mes Deux Cents said…
Hi Anali,

I won't cast a vote for Clinton no matter what. The Bush-Clinton dynasty has to come to an end.

On Nutella; I love it! So far I've enjoyed it the most on raisin toast.

It's so good. I think I'm already addicted to it. :)
Liz Dwyer said…
I am really bummed about California but it wasn't a runaway victory out here.

Despite her winning NY and CA, MSNBC has Obama with 838 delegates and Clinton with 834. :)
FH said…
Cheer up Anali, weekend is just two days away! I know Wednesdays get us down!:))
Nance said…
We have had nonstop rain here in NE Ohio. Grey damp days can be very draining and depressing. But I keep thinking: Hey, it could be snow! That makes me grateful and a bit less depressed.

And everything looks better with Nutella!
KAYLEE said…
its raininG heE too! how are you? I was in the hospital most of monday night and most of tuesday:( but when i got out i was feeling good!!!!!!! :P today i am fine i guess just really tired!!!!!!! too and a little chest pains :(
Lisa Johnson said…
bleeding espresso - The online voting is very interesting. I wonder how many overseas ballots have yet to be counted. The online ones are all Democrats right?

mes deux cents - I'd hate to have to vote for her, but better her than McCain or whoever the Republican candidate will be. One of them will be appointing Supreme Court Justices.

los angelista - The numbers are different every hour. This is so bizarre!
Lisa Johnson said…
asha - Thanks girl! I'll feel better soon I'm sure! ; )

nance - You're right. It could be snow. I guess I just have to let the mood pass. And have some more Nutella!

kaylee - Take care and feel better soon!
Enyasi said…
Feeling your pain... But cheer up the Caucus is this Saturday in Washington State and I am definitely voting for Obama..
Lisa Johnson said…
enyasi - I do feel more positive today. He raised a bunch of money and I'm feeling hopeful again. I didn't know the Washington State Caucus was this Saturday. I thought Louisiana was the only state with anything going on Saturday. This might be quite an exciting weekend for his campaign! : )

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