Thursday, February 28, 2008

Some Restaurant News

As far as I know, there is no newspaper called Tasty Times. I created my own newspaper clipping on

While the newspaper article here may be fake, the actual news is real. You can find out more about the TAP Project here. And click here for participating restaurants.

In the Boston area, some of my favorite restaurants are taking part - Ivy Restaurant, Les Zygomates, Lala Rokh, and Café Fleuri at The Langham. I've had some great meals at all of these places. Here is a more complete list for the Boston area. I learned about the TAP Project from a FACE Africa press release that I received today. Here is an excerpt.
“The Tap Project brings to Boston an incredibly simple concept to encourage restaurant patrons to help bring clean and safe water to the children of the world,” said Ms. Kaba Jones, Founder and Director of FACE Africa International. “As a Tap Project volunteer, I am glad that so many restaurants agree it is our duty to use tap water—our single most bountiful natural resource—to reduce child mortality.”

I do know Ms. Kaba Jones, so any bias is disclosed, but I think that her efforts with the TAP Project are worthwhile and hope that I can help her to spread the word. So for any of you that may be going out to eat during World Water Week, March 16th and culminating on World Water Day, March 22nd, maybe you could check out a new restaurant and donate a buck or two.

And I have one more bit of restaurant news, but further south in the state. I learned from the friend of another friend about a restaurant in New Bedford called Cafe Funchal. She has eaten there before and says that the food is fantastic. Unfortunately, she had a not so great experience there this past Saturday.

The restaurant was overflowing with customers and she was with a group of people for a birthday party. They had a reservation for 7:00, but were still waiting to be seated at 8:15. Several people had to leave and they were not happy. Has anyone else been to this restaurant? Is it usually this crowded? I'm curious to know what happened this Saturday. Anyway, that's all my restaurant news for now!

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