Shooting Into The Sun

I watched the lunar eclipse last night. What a miraculous sight! It made me feel connected to all the people who've watched these since humans first started noticing all the mysteries in the sky. Strangely enough the Navy shot down a wayward satellite at about the same time. The sky was busy last night.

Well this morning, I gave myself permission to break some old photography rules and again I was looking to the sky. I've been taking pictures since I can remember. My first camera was a Mickey Mouse. I used to love that camera! If I remember correctly, I pulled Mickey's right ear down to take the picture. I've never taken a photography course, but shooting pictures has always brought me great joy and relaxation.

One of the first things I remember being told was to never shoot into the sun. Always make sure the sun is behind you. I've usually tried to follow that rule, but I think I've been freed from it. If I like the picture then I'll go for it! Why be limited when it's for my own creative delight?

This picture is my entry for the Superhero Photo Challenge: Shoot Into The Sun. I took the picture of my plant in the kitchen aiming right into the sunlight streaming in the window. After I took the picture, I realized that the flash went off too, so it's super overexposed. But I like it! Serendipity at work.

Then I moved over to the next room, where the sun was also streaming in the window, and aimed through the blinds right into the sunlight. I couldn't choose between the two pictures, so I put them together.

In my apartment, the sun moves from room to room throughout the day. The way the light hits and shadows that form fascinates me. Remember this? I just realized that I took it almost a year ago today. Although it's still too cold outside for my taste, there is something truly beautiful about late Feburary sunlight.

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FH said…
Shucks!! I missed it! That's what happens if you have 2 kids bugging in the evening!! Glad you enjoyed it Anali!:)
Beautiful photo, I might try shooting the Sun too!
Anonymous said…
The inhabitants of Castle Gunfighter were with you last night... we watched the moon enter earths shadow, and then in the dark night, we saw a meteor!

Big fun.
Suldog said…
Breaking the rules is what makes progress - and some nice photos, too.
Nance said…
Rules? What rules?
CapCity said…
I'm bummed that i missed it - i think i actually fell asleep before midnite for once! glad u enjoyed & as always - luv the photos;-).
Babz Rawls Ivy said…
I was outside with my soon-to-be ex husband's telescope that I bought him many years ago---this thing is huge with atripod and the whole nine yeards. The luna eclipse was amazing to see! And yes you were right there was a lot going on in the sky last night. And it was COLD!!!

I am a lover of the moonlight.
Lisa Johnson said…
asha - Well, there's another eclipse in 2010! At least eclipses aren't like comets where you have to wait another 100 years. And I do hope you try shooting the sun too! : )

gunfighter - Wow! I don't think I've ever seen a meteor before.

suldog - Plus I felt kind of wild and renegade. I know - very silly. : )

nance - LOL! :D

capcity - Well getting your sleep is important and you can see another one in a few years. I'm glad you liked the photos! ; )

lovebabz - Welcome! Nice to see you over here! Now that's the way to watch it. For the next event in the sky, it would be cool to go to an observatory or planetarium to watch.
Liz Dwyer said…
I keep reading about how awesome the eclipse was and it makes me even more disappointed that it was cloudy here in LA.

I think your photos are lovely. Some rules are more like guidelines and are made to be broken in the pursuit of true creativity.
Lisa Johnson said…
los angelista - Thank you! That reminds me of my fourth grade art teacher. I specifically remember her saying that you have to follow the rules closely. I wanted to draw something abstract and I think she said that it was wrong. Even as a fourth grader, something about that seemed very wrong to me. I wanted to express myself!
Anonymous said…
I found out about the eclipse after it was over...darn! :-)
Love your picture, it's spooky just the way i like it. haha
Lisa Johnson said…
zen chef - You just have to plan for the next one in 3 years! Glad you like the pic! ; )

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