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I have a very special place in my heart for muffins. I just love them! I also love magnets and usually buy one whenever I take a trip. Hmmm. I think I sense a theme here. They are both very small and portable... But I digress.

My father is a wonderful person. I know that I am blessed to have him and I love him dearly. There was a time though, when he would buy me gifts that seemed to have nothing to do with me. In particular, there was a pink flowery sweatshirt that I would just never wear. I wondered if my own father really knew me at all. I like pink, but that was just too much.

I go through these phases when I bake lots of muffins. And I guess my father noticed, because he gave me this cute little muffin magnet. It means the world to me. I know that my father really knows me. And that sure feels like love.

This post is my submission to Love Thursday on the blog Shutter Sisters. It's also being cross-posted here on the blog CapCha U ... in Luv with Life.

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I wish more people would realize that the best gifts don't have to be big or expensive, but personal--your dad's a keeper ;)

Happy Love Thursday! Here's what I posted today:

Letting Sleeping Dogs Lie
FH said…
How cute!!! :))
Anonymous said…
Found you from Love Thursday.

Isn't that great when someone gets you the perfect gift? and you know they've thought about you when they found it?
Anonymous said…
I know sometimes people feel obligated to give a gift and wind up buying something impersonal. I love it that your dad found something that touched your heart.
1Northeast said…
You are extremely lucky! Btw, I like your blog headers! :)
Lisa Johnson said…
bleeding espresso - Happy Love Thursday to you too! I loved your post! ; )

asha - Thanks!

kacey - Welcome! You're so right! It's perfect. I remember just smiling and being so happy when I saw it!

nikkipolani - Welcome! He really gets me now! I guess it takes time to get to know your kids as adults and see them for who they really are and not necessarily your idea of them.

foodhuntress79 - Thank you! I like it myself! ; )
CapCity said…
"...I was so engrossed in it so quickly that I totally forgot that I had been irritated ..."

Sistah ANALI!!! U don't know HOW this makes my heart smile! THANK U for this blessed comment over at CapCha;-). To make one forget their irritations - is truly a gift from "On High" - as my elders would say:-). again, thanx...
Lisa Johnson said…
capcity - You're so welcome! But I really have to thank you for writing something that took me away to another place.
Liz Dwyer said…
That's very cute! I am not the best baker but I like to eat muffins too!
Cynthia said…
Awwww shucks, that's so sweet. I think they all go through that phase where they give us a gift and we wonder... what? really? for me? don't you know me at all? (lol)
Margie said…
How sweet!
Love the magnet your dad gave to you!

mandaroo63 said…
What a sweet story. I'm not sure how well my dad knows me but one year he bought me a Prince cd, knowing I was a big fan. And, I thought that was sweet. Reading through your blog is making me hungry, so many yummy treats!!! Inspires me to bake more. Thanks for coming by my flickr.
Nance said…
My dad always left gift-buying up to my mom. Every Christmas we'd open up presents, and my dad would say things like "Wow! That's nice. Who got you that?" And we'd say, "You did, Dad."
Lisa Johnson said…
los angelista - And muffins go great with chai! ; )

cynthia - I guess it's a pretty universal experience. And so nice when the parents get it right! ; )

margie - Thanks! I hope you're dug out of all that snow that I hear you guys are getting!

mandaroo - Welcome! Thank you! I was a huge Prince fan too. I saw him when he came to Boston a couple of years ago. One of the best concerts I've ever been to! : )

nance - LOL! That's hilarious! I guess the cat was out of the bag at that point! ; )
suttonhoo said…
ain't it the truth -- how much a gift can say without saying a word.

lovely post.
Lisa Johnson said…
suttonhoo - Thank you! ; )
amisha said…
this is so sweet. it is such a wonderful feeling when you get a gift that just says that the person really knows you and loves you :)
Lisa Johnson said…
amisha - It really was! ; )

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