The Campaign Continues

I just read this article, which now has me a little more up to date as to what is at stake this weekend for primaries and caucuses. Here is a quick summary.

The stakes: 78 Democratic delegates, 18 GOP delegates.

The stakes: 56 Democratic delegates, 20 Republican delegates.

The stakes: 24 Democratic delegates.

The stakes: 36 Republican delegates.

The stakes: 24 Democratic delegates.

The stakes: 3 Democratic delegates.

We survived Super Tuesday. Is this going to be a Wild Weekend? I guess we'll all be hanging on for the ride! Go Obama!

*Updated 2/10/08* Could there be a future endorsement for Barack Obama by Colin Powell? Things are getting even more interesting! There was a CNN interview with Colin Powell, but the link to it is no longer working, so I deleted it.

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Ann Brock said…
Hello! that would be great. I was watching one of the news channels and they are trying to put a spin on Obama popularity with young people and the white male vote.

They are trying to say that Obama should get out and let Hillary take the Democrat nod ( how about he should be her running mate )he could run again in 4 years with experience. If that not some scared white folks.
Mes Deux Cents said…
Hi Anali,

When America wakes up in the morning there will be a new leader in the Democratic race!

This is really exciting.
Lisa Johnson said…
jjbrock - Hey there! I haven't heard anyone saying that he should step aside for Hillary. That would be odd. I have heard that he is getting the young vote and the white male vote, which is helping him to take votes away from her. And he did tonight!! : )

mes deux cents - I just saw that he did a clean sweep!! The Sunday morning news show are going to be really good! : )
Anonymous said…
Barack rocks!
Go Barack!
Lisa Johnson said…
zen chef - Yipeeee!!!! :D
I'm just so excited that this year's election is inspiring so many people to vote. It's quite a significant moment in our history.
Lisa Johnson said…
susan from food blogga - It really is quite historic and getting more exciting every day!

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