Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Butternut Squash + Onion Lasagna

It's funny how sometimes I'll do a bunch of food posts, so it looks like I'm cooking and baking all the time, but I'm really not and the posts are just spread out very well.

Recently it's been kind of the opposite. By the look of this blog, you would think I haven't been doing much of either. I've made some good soups, done some baking and made this lasagna. I just didn't have time to make them, blog about all of them and do some other things as well.

I remembered seeing Nupur's recipe here for Roasted Squash Onion Lasagna. Well, I took a few shortcuts with mine, because sometimes I just have to. I used frozen squash and it was not roasted. I only used one onion, a red onion specifically, because they are my favorite. I also used feta cheese in addition to the parmesan.

When I made the Bechamel Sauce, I kind of faked the process, but it still worked. I used a combination of Half and Half, water, and vanilla rice milk. I think I was supposed to melt the butter and stir in the flour, then slowly stir in the milk. Instead, I put in the liquids and butter and heated almost to a boil. I whisked in the flour and let it boil until thickened, while continuing to whisk.

I added about a teaspoon of sea salt, a tablespoon of garlic powder and another tablespoon of Trader Joe's 21 Seasoning Salute. I love that stuff and use it all the time. I've been eating the lasagna for my lunch and dinner this week. It's so good! I'll be making this again.

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Asha said...

I do the same about the dishes I cook. I just take photos when I cook and keep it in the draft and then one day I group them and post. People think I cooked the whole thing in one day!:D
Squash and onion Lasagna is very new to me, sounds and looks good.Shortcuts always help too!:)

Nupur said...

That looks good, Anali!
Off topic: *thank you* for reminding us of the PBS show on African-American roots. I put aside my homework to watch the program and was so glad I did! Although there were more than a few heartbreaking moments...

Los Angelista said...

Yum. It looks delicious. But my family hates squash. I hope the kids grow out of that.

I made an awesome vegetarian casserole last night and my husband dropped it on the floor when he took it out of the oven. I wanted to KILL him! :)

Nance said...

I wish I could cook more vegetarian, but it's real carnivorous here at the Dept.

Love squash, too. Roasting it really deepens the flavor, so when you have time, try it.

Mes Deux Cents said...

Hi Anali,

I bet I would love that! I love squash and I really love feta!

Do you like Vidalia Onions? I think they would taste great with this recipe.

Anali said...

asha - It does look like you cook everything in one day! I always wondered how that could be possible! ; )

nupur - I'm glad you saw the show! It was pretty heartbreaking at times, but so inspiring at the same time.

los angelista - Oh no! What did you end up eating? I was balancing my lasagna dish on the counter in a rather precarious way at one point and something said to move it, because I didn't know what I was going to eat if it fell!

nance - I actually have some other vegetables to roast, but I needed the quick way for this. Roasted vegetables do taste delicious and the smell is wonderful too.

mes deux cents - I do love Vidalia onions! I think you can only get them at certain times of the year though. I didn't see any, just the red ones, generic sweet white ones, and the plain yellow ones, that I don't like that much. I buy the Vidalias whenever I see them.

Cakespy said...

Dude, what awesome comfort food. This looks just so, so satisfying!

Anali said...

cakespy - LOL! I must say that it is. Oh and I'm so excited about the contest on your blog! I'll be sending my answers soon! ; )

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me where I can buy the Trader Joe's 21 Seasoning Salute? Please help!

Anali said...

anonymous - Welcome! The only place that I've seen it is at Trader Joe's. Have you not been able to find it there?

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