Tempted By Tortillas

I'm feeling better today. Thank you so much for all the well-wishes. It never ceases to amaze me what people will be so enthusiastic about. I really thought that the black bean burgers might bore all of you! You just never know.

Well, I decided to have one of those burgers for my lunch today, but didn't have any bread, so I had to make some in keeping with my Homemade Bread Pledge. I needed to make something fast and easy that would go well with black beans. I thought of tortillas! I'd never made them before and was kind of excited about the prospect.

This post is also my submission to Eve's 2008 Comfort Food Cook-Off on her blog The Garden of Eating. For me, nothing says comfort like homemade bread.

I found this tortilla recipe and of course I made some changes. I decreased the salt by half and used sea salt. I used vanilla rice milk instead of regular milk and used grapeseed oil.

I made the dough this morning before work, so I only had time to cook one tortilla. I left the rest of the dough in the refrigerator and cooked it when I got home. Rolling out the dough is hard work! I'm not very good at it and cannot form perfect circles. My tortillas are more squarish circles.

I added cilantro to mayonnaise and spread that on the burger, which I put on the tortilla. I rolled it up in foil and had that for my lunch with some soup. Yum! I'm bringing the same thing tomorrow.

Tortillas are really quick to make and so soft and delicious. I've bought them at the store, but am always concerned with the amount of sodium. Making them myself, I didn't have that worry.

I was talking to my friend tonight and he said that he never hears anyone say that they made homemade tortillas. And he lives in Miami! He said that his mom used to make him tortillas every Saturday when he was a kid. He's originally from Honduras, so hers were the real deal. My tortillas may not be too authentic, but I'm enjoying them and will definitely be making them again.

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Asha said…
Home made Tortillas look good, lot better than store bought ones which is loaded with lard!
It's easy for us Indians to make them, they are like Chapatis but with corn flour!:)
Enjoy, have a great weekend!:)
Suldog said…
One of my pleasant memories of Mexico is that of having warm homemade tortillas, and of seeing them cooked in an open market by the sellers. Lovely!
Cynthia said…
I haven't been visiting often enough to know that you were not well :( Glad to know what you are much better.
Anonymous said…
Homemade tortillas! I love it! Sorry it's been so long since I stopped by, I seriously fell of my blog reading schedule and was just completely overwhelmed by work. But I'm getting back on track and glad to hear you're feeling better. Hugs!!

Ari (Baking and Books)
Nance said…
I'm impressed. You're really dedicated to your breadmaking pledge.
Lisa Johnson said…
asha - OMG these are so good! I made a little mini one for myself just to eat hot of the griddle with butter. Wow! When I was cooking it, I was thinking that it reminded me of Indian bread too. I had planned to make Naan first, but the recipe had yeast, and I just didn't have the time to wait for it. I didn't realize that Chapatis didn't have yeast. Is that the major difference between them and Naan?

suldog - That sounds like a great memory!

cynthia - Thank you for the good wishes! My cold is almost gone. : )

ari - Good to see you again! I was hoping you'd drop by soon. I'm glad that work is getting a bit more manageable. You do have quite a lot on your plate! Ooh I made a pun! ; )

nance - It's really fun. I'm learning so much about different breads! I had never really thought about the baked in the oven versus the cooking on stovetop thing, but now I am. Then there's the quick breads versus yeast breads. And then the regional breads here in the US and other countries. So much bread, so little time!
Looks good and not too bad effort-wise. I'll have to give this a try the next time I'm in the mood for Latin food!
Lisa Johnson said…
mike of mike's table - Welcome! It was really easy and very good. I just finished the last one tonight! : )

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