Biscuit Baking Bonanza - Part 1

Friends, I had fun with this post! All day I was thinking about getting home from work and finally making some bread for my Homemade Bread Pledge. In fact, this is my first bread of 2008!

I got home later than expected and decided it would have to be something new and very quick. I looked through my bread recipe binder and saw this Baking-Powder Biscuit recipe. I saved the original recipe from the magazine years ago, but never tried it. I thought it was from Saveur Magazine and a quick Google search confirmed it.

The only changes* to the recipe that I made were using sea salt and reducing the amount to about 3/4 of a teaspoon. And of course I used vanilla rice milk in place of regular milk.

These biscuits were a snap to make and so tasty good that I didn't even put anything on them. No jam or butter needed here folks. Plain is perfect in this case. The biscuits didn't rise quite as much as I expected, but they smelled heavenly and were so tender with a bit of crispness on the outside.

Why is this post Part 1? Because I saw that I had another biscuit recipe from one of my favorite food bloggers. I'm going to try her recipe and see how it stacks up. Thus the bonanza! I was on the phone with a friend getting all excited about the biscuits and the title of the post. He said, "Wow, you really do like to bake don't you?!" I couldn't deny it and have any sense of credibility whatsoever. I said, "Yeah. I really do."

*Updated* - Nupur's comment reminded me that I did actually make one more change to the recipe. I used butter instead of vegetable shortening. This is what happens when I link to the recipe and don't type it in myself and I'm sleepy! ; )

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Nupur said…
Great way to kick off homemade bread in 2008! I have never used vegetable shortening in a recipe before but this recipe is tempting me...
May I suggest a recipe for your bread pledge? The tender potato bread that was a daring baker challenge recently is just delicious. I have been making it almost once a week :)
FH said…
I LOVE LOVE southern biscuits. I am planning to make one too next month. Looks great Anali!:)
Lisa Johnson said…
Nupur - Ooops! I actually did use butter! Your comment reminded me to put in another change that I made. Thank you!

You know I was thinking about making that bread, but I don't normally have potatoes in the house. I'm going to buy some specifically for the recipe. That bread does look really good! ; )

asha - Me too! I'll be looking for your recipe! ; )
Nance said…
No butter on biscuits?! Isn't that a crime? It is in my house!! LOL.
Cakespy said…
Biscuits do something to me unlike any other baked good. I have a true soft spot for them. Especially with jam and butter.
Suldog said…
I haven't had good biscuits in ages. Maybe I'll bake some up for Little Christmas dinner.
Lisa Johnson said…
nance - They are buttery enough already! Really! There isn't a TON of butter in them, but the taste and texture is so perfect... I just talked myself into having another one right now! : D

cakespy - There's almost something primal about a biscuit! It's like humans need them! I'm going to be making these more often.

suldog - These would be perfect, but a dozen might not be enough! I'd make two batches, so people can go to town on them if you're having company.
Mizrepresent said…
They look heavenly...i always thought making biscuits would be hard...but you make it seem so simple and i love how you get so excited about your baking!
Mes Deux Cents said…
Hi Anali,

I haven't seen biscuits that looked that good since I lived on the east coast!

I want to grab one out of the firt photo! I can almost taste them. Lol

Allison Miranda said…
They do look reallllyy good.
suttonhoo said…
mmm biscuits. and if saveur's behind it, you know they've gotta be good!

looks so good, anali.
Lisa Johnson said…
mizrepresent - Thank you and they are! I actually thought they would be more difficult too. When I think of all the time I've spent nearly injuring myself trying to get that can of biscuits twisted open, I could have made them myself! ; )

mes deux cents - Welcome! Thank you for stopping by and for the sweet words! : D It's funny that you mention the east coast, because when I was baking, I was thinking how people tend to associate biscuits with the south, but I'm a northern girl!

randi523 - Thank you! I've been restraining myself eating them. No more than two a day is my plan. But I did slip once and have three! ; )

suttonhoo - I used to get Saveur several years ago and really loved it, except for there were so many pictures of meat. One of the covers was practically a whole cow. It just pushed me over the edge and I couldn't renew.
Sai said…
Happy New Year!

I used to bake a lot say ten years ago. I have become so lazy nowadays. I must try and start baking!
That is a very interesting tool, the one you are using... half whisk half potato masher? :)
Have a great day, Margot
Big Boys Oven said…
hmmm this is an interesting recipe!!
Lisa Johnson said…
sai - Happy New Year! It's so good to see you blogging again! I've missed you!

If you want to start baking again, this is a great recipe to try. It's so quick and easy! :D

coffee & vanilla - It's a pastry blender and makes combining butter and flour so much easier.
Sometimes I forget that I've accumulated some cool kitchen gadgets over the years! It's a very worthwhile investment. You have a great day too Margot! : )

big boys oven - Stay tuned for Part 2! ; )
Anonymous said…
Yum! biscuits!
You make me want to make some!
Lisa Johnson said…
zen chef - I'm getting ready for Part 2! ; )
amisha said…
yum! i have had biscuits on the brain lately... did you see this month's gourmet on southern cooking? they promise the perfect biscuit recipe... it has lard though which i really don't want to use :( do you think i could sub butter?
Lisa Johnson said…
amisha - I haven't seen it actually. I'm so behind on my magazines from last year that I don't dare buy anymore yet.

I'd definitely try it with butter. I mean how bad could it be? That's pretty much my mens rea when I decide to break those baking rules! :D

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