October Is What?

In New England, October is when it starts to feel like Fall for real. No way around it. The scarves, coats, and heat come one. The farmers markets are ending. Halloween candy is everywhere and Thanksgiving is around the corner. Don't even mention Christmas yet to me. Let me at least get to Veterans Day will ya?

I'm listening to the Al B. Sure station on Pandora and one of my favorites from the back in the day came on, Make You Sweat, by Keith Sweat. I forgot how much I loved that song. I've added a Pandora link on my right sidebar and I think you can listen to some of the artists that I've selected. I'm not sure if it will work, but you can add your own.

Guess what song just came on? My Perogative by Bobby Brown. Things really do change. I played Don't Be Cruel until the tape wore out. I couldn't believe when I heard that he had a heart attack yesterday. Although considering he wasn't leading the healthiest lifestyle, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I do hope he recovers and gets his life back together. But I really have digressed here.

Back to the month of October. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we're supposed to go pink. It's Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Liver Awareness Month and I think National Cookie Month. It's all rather overwhelming. I love the color pink, but do I want to make my blog all pink just to show that I'm against breast cancer? No. And all the pink stuff is starting to irritate me. I guess some of the pink stuff is cute and I've fallen for it myself over the years, but probably the best way to help is just give money directly to the organization that you believe will use your money the best.

Breast cancer has impacted my family. My mom is a survivor and it has struck and killed other women in my family, both sides. I know that I'm at risk with such a strong family history, but I see my doctor every year and have been vigilant about getting mammograms every year since I turned 35. I wrote about it a little here. I've seen a bunch of commercials for BRAC Analysis, which I guess is a type of genetic testing. To be honest it freaks me out and looking it up for this post is the closest that I've come to looking into it.

Genetics are a lot, but they aren't everything. How we live our lives is also an issue. I know from this blog you probably think that I all I eat are baked goods, but I do eat vegetables. Really! And surprise, surprise, it's also Vegetarian Awareness Month. I went to the farmers market and bought the cutest little Delicato Squash from Silver Brook Organic Farm. I also had bought a Golden Acorn Squash at Stop & Shop, which was from a local farm too. I seem to have lost the information. I found a wonderful website here with a lot of information about winter squash. Tis the season! I did a taste taste and definitely prefer the Delicato. It was sweet and tender and the other was kind of stringy and bitter. Just my preference. You know I love sweets!

Well, this post is getting too long, but I wanted to show you an updated picture of my scarf, so here it is. It's coming along.

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FH said…
PUMPKINS!! YAY!! It turned lot cooler today after all those hot days. I am very happy.
Turns out Bobby Brown went to the hospital just for a check up and didn't have Heart attack. He is walking jolly today. These rumors!!:p
Be healthy and happy. Whatever has to happen will happen anyway Anali. Live for today!:)
That delicata looks delicious.
I agree about the annoyance of pink. I don't actually own anything pink, despite my own family history. I haven't seen the TV ads you're talking about (no TV), but it is scary, and I've just decided I'm going to do the best I can with my living habits and leave it at that.

You could, however, make your background page green, for veggie awareness month. : )
starry said…
The scarf is looking good . so many things happening in October.Cannot wait for thanksgiving.
karmic said…
The scarf is looking good and it sure feels like fall. And don't even talk about Christmas yet. :)

I hear ya about breast cancer, the genes don't tell the complete story except for a few.
AVIANA said…
hey there,

i'm a new yorker and i was born on thanksgiving day so fall will always be my favorite season...i wanna get married in the fall...i actually have the date picked out...oct. 24.....

ok i don't get the knitting thing....i guess i don't get it...oh well

have a nice weeken!
Cynthia said…
Hi Anali, it's nice catching up with you.
Lisa Johnson said…
asha - Thanks for the update on Bobby! ; ) So strange. I wonder what the real deal is. Maybe it was all publicity, so we could find out about his upcoming tour.

bipolarlawyercook - My mom just told me last night that it is also National Dessert Month! Maybe I should put cookies all over the background? If I knew how to do it, I think I would! ; )

starry nights - Thanks! I haven't worked on it in a few days. Maybe tonight...

sanjay - Thanks for the support!

aviana - What a cool birthday! So did you think that the Macy's Day Parade was for your birthday when you were little? ; ) Have a great weekend!

cynthia - Thanks! Enjoy the weekend! ; )
David Sullivan said…
Bobby had a heart attack? I've been so busy I missed it. We went Pumpkin Pickin' last Monday, so fall is finally here. Now excuse me while I check the wife for breast cancer(no joke, men are some of the first reporters);)
Lisa Johnson said…
david sullivan - Now he is denying that he had one. Not sure what to believe anymore... You know I've never gone pumpkin picking. That must be really fun. And I actually have heard a while back there was a campaign to teach men how to check! So good for you! ; )
Big Boys Oven said…
We saw a delicious japanese pumpkin swissroll cake in a magazine yesterday ! gorgeous!
Lisa Johnson said…
big boys oven - That sounds delicious!

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