A Gift From My Fairy Godmother?

I had a very nice and relaxing birthday, even though it was pouring rain and disgusting outside. I took the day off and didn't do much but hang around the house, answering emails, talking on the phone and organizing my apartment, especially my desk. I think of my birthday as my own personal New Year and try to think about my goals for the upcoming year. I always feel better and more clear in my thinking after things are in order. Typical Virgo!

I spent the evening with my family and had a very nice dinner. My father bought me a really good Boston Cream Pie, but with chocolate filling. It's really a cake and I don't understand why it's called pie, but that's another post. It was so good! The next day, I received a wonderful package in the mail.

My Aunt L, who is also my Godmother, sent me a beautiful card and homemade apple pear scones. They are delicious! The scones came in a lovely basket, with bright wrapping paper and was such a delight to open. Some of my earliest memories of my aunt are of her yard that was filled with rose bushes. I remember staying over her house when I was little and touching one of the roses. That was when I learned that roses have thorns.

I've always been a big letter writer, from when I was small. I used to write my Aunt L letters, but would always mix up the letters and write Anut! It's so nice to know someone who knew me from way back when and is always there for me. She's not quite a Fairy Godmother, but I always feel like she watches out for me.

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Happy Birthday! Homemade apple pear scones are the perfect gift!
Tera said…
Apple pear scones sound delish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am glad you had a great b-day!
Hmmm. Sounds great! Apple Pear Scones!

Happy belated birthday, Anali!
jac said…
Smiling anali...wishing you happiness all the way.

I trust that my wishes are more sweeter than that apple pear scones !!
Anonymous said…
happy birthday!glad yoyu had fun and nice presents:)

how are you? I am ok!
So nice. I have a fairy godmother aunt who sends me books, but I am jealous of your scones!
Lisa Johnson said…
susan - Thank you! I agree! And congratulations again on your NPR article! ; )

tera - I've been soooooo enjoying them!

the thinking black man - Thank you so much!

jac - Thank you for your very sweet birthday wishes cuz! ; )

kaylee - Thank you! I'm good!

bipolarlawyercook - Isn't it nice to have a fairy godmother? ; )
Cynthia said…
Aunts are some of the coolest people! There is always a favourite aunt I feel, I know I have one :)

Aunt L sounds like someone I'd like to spend time with, especially in the kitchen. Just the thought of apple-pear scones and the smell of them in the oven - heavenly. You're right also, Anali about it being nice to know that someone who loves and watches over you. Aunt L rocks!
CapCity said…
YUMMMMMMM! Did she send the recipe for those delish looking scones? can u share it if she did? ;-)
Big Boys Oven said…
Wah...looks invitng...how was it?
Lotus Reads said…
Again, happy birthday Anali!!!

I am like you, I, too, think of my birthday as the start of a new year where past sins are erased and the year ahead is a sheet of untrodden snow.

Apple pear scones? What a wonderful gift, I will say your birthday started on an excellent note!
Lisa Johnson said…
cynthia - Aunt L is definitely someone to spend time with in the kitchen! When she fixes just "a little something" to eat, it is a serious feast!! ; )

capcity - No, I didn't get a recipe. But that's okay with me. It was nice being treated! ; )

big boys oven - They are really good!

lotus reads - Thank you! The scones are so good, but going fast. I have one left in the fridge and I froze the rest to savor a little later.

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