A Blog Opera - Oh So Addictive!

It seems that lately I've been writing a lot about other blogs, but I have to do it again. You bloggers out there are incredible!

I was a big soap opera fan from around the 6th grade through my twenties. One of the things that I was most proud of in college, was that I managed to take off Fridays all four years, so that I could watch my soaps. I was an ABC soap fan all the way - All My Children, which I called All My Kids, One Life To Live, and General Hospital. My first two years of college, I didn't have my own television, so I had to make sure I got to the TV lounge before the NBC or CBS people could get there. It was always an issue. I usually did and would enjoy three blissful hours of utter nonsense.

When I started working full-time after college, I taped the soaps and would watch them, but it became too much of an effort, so I just stopped watching. There was also a point that I stopped watching GH, when the Cassadines appeared and there was some weird weather or time machine something that happened. I'm sure one of you can clarify for me! It got really bizarre and started annoying me. I can suspend reality with the best of them, but only up to a point. The same thing happened with Ally McBeal, but I digress.

For the past month or so now, I've been enjoying a weekly Blog Opera called Quid Pro Quo Love. It's a weekly series of stories that are happening on two blogs. You have to read this! Mizrepresent gives the female perspective on her blog, Write For Life. Sojourner G gives the male perspective on his blog, The Sojourner. Here is the latest from him and the latest from her. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said…
Just popping by and what do I see?
A friendly little love tap for li'l ole me?

Thanks Anali! 'Preciate the luv...and the food talk!
Cynthia said…
Will definitely check out both of them.
KAYLEE said…
WILL CHECK EM OUT :P hows you have been fainting
Lisa Johnson said…
sojourner g - Good to see you here again! You're so welcome! Both of you are doing some incredible writing. I'm so looking forward to reading more.

cynthia - Enjoy! ; )

kaylee - I just dropped by your blog. I'm so sorry that you've been fainting. I hope that when you move, things will get better and you will find a kinder ER staff, but hopefully you won't need to go anymore! Take care!
jac said…
I read mizrep's.
CapCity said…
yea, i'm a huge fan of the blogOpera. USED to be a soaps fan back in college - got pulled into it waiting in the student lounge between classes. LOL!
Lisa Johnson said…
jac - I thought I saw you over there! ; )

capcity - I guess we all were in those student lounges! ; )

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