It's All Good

I wasn't going to blog today, but I have this picture of my lunch from yesterday and thought that I'd share. I recently learned that a friend of mine works right near me. We decided to have lunch at Ivy. I was curious to see the consistency of the service and the food since I last visited. I'm still impressed with both.

I wasn't up for anything dramatic to eat. Plus I think the mark of a skilled cook in general and of a good restaurant is to see how nicely they can prepare something that is very simple. I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich and gazpacho. I loved the presentation! The food was really good and so was the conversation. What a nice treat!

*Updated 10/19/2010* I just read some bad news. It looks like Ivy is closing. The website is still up though, so maybe there's still hope.

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Suldog said…
What, no hippo? It's very good with grilled cheese!

(That's sort of an inside joke between Anali and myself. Nobody else will probably get it. Oh, well.)
AVIANA said…
Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by! I haven't heard from you in awhile. What u've been up to?

Well, you know what i've been up to. I'm glad the performance is over. With rehearsals and my crazy schedule it was getting to be too much. I hope things gett poppin with the music soon so I can maybe take the day job off or at least pay off my school loans soon...maybe i should stop spending my money!

oh well...stopping by...i should not have passed by..i'm fasting for the next 10 days and i'm on day 3 and it's hard!!! ur food post does not help!!!

Anonymous said…
Work week lunches with friends are one of life's greatest pleasures. I'm glad you had a nice time. :)

Ari (Baking and Books)
FH said…
Grilled looks yum, Gazpacho is pinkish! More than food, it's company which makes you happy! Enjoy:))
See you next week,getting Lasik tomorrow!:)
Big Boys Oven said…
sounds like a simple and delicious lunch!
Lisa Johnson said…
suldog - Noooooooooooooooo!!!! : )

aviana - Hey! I'm so happy about your performance!! I can't wait until you finally do your "reveal!" I'm ready to hear your music and see your amazing dancing!

ari - It was a great time! Thanks!

asha - It did look differently than I had expected, but so pretty! I guess I'm on a pink food kick or something! Best of luck with your Lasik!

big boys oven - It was! ; )
Tera said…
Some co-workers and I had an interesting conversation about good restaurants yesterday, and I have realized that I ain't seen nothin' yet since my relocation!!! The new restaurants I've been to are just a drop in the bucket compared to the ones I haven't been to!!!

I might have to write a post about them as I get a chance to try them out :)
starry said…
Looks like you had a good lunch and good company also. I think thats what makes eating out exciting.How are you doing?
Sharon said…
Looks yummy! I like simple food made well too!
Lisa Johnson said…
tera - I'll be looking forward to your posts!

starry nights - You're right. The actual eating is just one part of the dining out experience, although I do love that part! ; )

sharon - Thanks! The camera phone does work in a pinch!
PunditMom said…
Always a good lunch combination!
CapCity said…
love soups & sandwiches - especially in the winter. pretty picture, too!

Suldog u keep that primal meat stuff to your Manly crew! lol!
Lisa Johnson said…
punditmom - It's an old standard for a reason! ; )

capcity - I agree about that meat! Ewwwwwwwwww!!!!!

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