Daily Kos vs Blogher

I'm back with another post about the Blogher Conference. Here's a picture of Elizabeth Edwards speaking with Lisa Stone for the closing speech.

After speaking with Mr. X, who suggested I call him that, I'm trying not to go into a wild rant about how the Daily Kos Conference in Chicago is getting all kinds of media coverage unlike Blogher. He thought I was in Chicago this weekend for that conference and was saying how we women bloggers must feel great being courted by the media and all the political candidates. I had to clarify that we were there last weekend and that mainstream media hadn't been all that interested from what I saw. Being angry and ranting doesn't work well for women as I read in this article. So I'm trying to be cool, calm, and collected. Is it working? Or is the sarcasm dripping from my mouth like a wet noodle?

I'm especially disappointed that as far as I know, Barack Obama didn't have any kind of presence at Blogher. Why? Chicago is his city. Doesn't he value women voters? Is he taking my vote for granted? I've been leaning towards Obama, but I'm still undecided. I like John Edwards. Hillary Clinton could sway me too. Why wasn't the Blogher conference more of a news story last weekend? I guess we weren't considered newsworthy. If Paris Hilton had shown up, we would have had more media coverage than we could handle.

*Updated 8/25/09* A lot can change in a couple of years. Since I added LinkWithin to my posts, this old one keeps showing up again and has been annoying me. I am so disappointed with John Edwards that it's almost too much to mention. I am very happy that Obama is our President and hope that he can move health reform forward. There. I feel better.

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KAYLEE said…
Lisa Johnson said…
kaylee - I'm a bit silly and sleepy at the moment. : ) I hope you are well! Goodnight!
So So Simple said…
I've been awaiting your comments on your vacation and conference. Very interesting...Was the conference mainly political? Would it have been of interest to someone from my part of the world? I would really like to organize to go to the States for next years conference. Then we could meet. What fun.
Look forward to more commentary Anali.
Lisa Johnson said…
so simple - I'm going to try and write up a big post today with more about the conference. I highly recommend going to Blogher next year. It's worth the trip, although I don't know what city it's going to be in. I admit the lure of a return trip to Chicago was part of why I decided to go.

There was something for everyone at the conference. There were people who focused on politics, food, parenting, and crafts, but also there were sessions devoted to the technical and business aspects of blogging. And even outside of the sessions, just being able to meet everyone was an amazing experience. I think you would love it and it would be great to meet you. I really encourage everyone to go.

There is no experience like it. That is part of the reason it's taking me so long to do my posts. There was just so much! Even with all my posts, I cannot begin to summarize the experience. It just doesn't translate into words. Part of it was that as bloggers we get it.
Anonymous said…
I too was shocked at the lack of media coverage, especially with how popular blogging has become, even in the corporate and political arenas (where the press practically live). It has to be the woman thing because I doubt it is the blogging aspect that didn't warrant the importance.

Angry wouldn't begin to describe it!
Nance said…
I've been a little under the weather, anali. Have a lot to catch up on. Be patient. I'll be back!
Lisa Johnson said…
momish - It really does continue to make my blood boil, because people keep asking me about all the great meida coverage of our blog conference and it was not ours!!! : (

nance - I hope you are feeling better! No rush to comment! As you see, I'm behind responding. : )
PunditMom said…
Yup! I'm right there with you on this one. As you can probably tell from my posts, my blood is still boiling over this one.
Lisa Johnson said…
punditmom - I can only hope that maybe next year will be different.

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