Trying To Put It In Perspective

I'm losing it y'all. Seriously. I may have already lost it, because I never say y'all! I'm from Boston! I don't even know if I'm spelling it correctly!

Anyway, I'm writing a post at just after 7:00 am, which is not a good thing. I'm not a morning person. How to condense all that's happened in the past few days?

Back spasms again. Thank God for valium, which probably made me more calm than I would have otherwise been with a minor spider infestation where I saw baby spiders rappelling down small cobwebs from the overhead light onto my bed. Could not sleep in said bed because of spiders, which don't normally bother me except when I see them in greater numbers than I have limbs. Had to sleep on couch in the living room, because of spiders. Minor freakout to landlord.

Brought all bedlinens, pillows, comforter to laundrymat to eliminate creepy spider feeling. Said laundrymat decided to close fifteen mintues early last night locking my stuff in. So I get up before they opened at 6:00 am this morning to retrieve said laundry plus washed all the curtains in my apartment, because I'm still feeling spider creepy.

Worms DO really freak me out whatever the occasion and walking from my car to my apartment a few minutes ago, one of the largest worms that I've ever seen decided to slither over and stare up in my face causing me to yelp in terror.

The only thing keeping me hinged at the moment is the prospect of a cup of coffee and what I just overheard in the laundrymat. A guy was talking on the phone saying that he just spoke to the pilot of the boat, which lost a bow and it doesn't look good. I have no idea what is going on with this boat or the person or people in it, but they certainly seem to be in more peril than I am at the moment, so I guess I'd better calm the heck down. I hope they're okay.

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Tsiporah said…
Awww....I am so sorry you are having such a hard time. It is great that you are able to put in some perspective though. I feel you on the spider thing just eeewwww.
Nina said…
take the day off and go see the new Harry Potter movie :)
David Sullivan said…
Take a deep breath and another Valium. (I'm not a doctor, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night.)
CapCity said…
I don't mean to laugh, Sis - but the way u wrapped this piece up - u r really just cute as a button!

I can only offer a long distant hug. I feel for anyone who has a spider "attack" - was the landlord able to get a handle on it? Hopefully, there is a loved one or two close enough to u to give u a real hug & assurance:-).
Tera said…
That is very considerate of you Anali to think of others in your time of distress!

Spiders are quite repulsive little creatures aren't they?
So So Simple said…
Oh my God I'm with you and spiders.
Creepy creepy
Did you spray?
FH said…
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FH said…
Y'all is correct,coming from Unofficial southern belle here!!;D
Well..Spiders or not,you got a Spring cleaning in Summer!:)
I was a Tomboy,never afraid of any creepy crawlies back in India and believe me,we get plenty of those in tropical countries!
I had black snake(harmless) in my kitchen here,crawled in from the back door for some cool AC comfort last year.I made some noise,reached over and opened the back door,he quietly slithered away!(Snakes are "holy" in India among other million things,always taught to respect!;p)I think Snake was more scared of me than I was of him!:D
Hope Spiders are gone now from there.
Cynthia said…
I hate crawly-creepy things too. So sorry to hear about your spider ordeal. And on the other side, there's nothing like keeping ourselves grounded when things are put into perspective.
Ick. So sorry about the spiders. Even sorrier about the back. Hope you are feeling better soon.

One of the women I work with gets the buggy-creepys, not just the spider-creepys, and she freaked out once when she found some bugs in her bed. She put one of the suckers in a Ziploc and brought it in to work, just so she could come in to my office, close the door, and ask me what it was. "OMG, is it a tick? A spider? What is it?"
"It's just an overgrown dust mite." She completely flipped out once she'd wiki'd dust mites, and tore her whole bedroom down to vacuum and seal with allergenic covers.
I am the person in the office who gets called upon to smash bugs. However, snakes and bats? Eeew. Don't get me started.

Feel better soon!
Sai said…
Sorry to hear about your spider ordeal.

Hope you are feeling better now with your back.
Lotus Reads said…
Oh you poor thing, Anali, hope your back's doing better now, it's no fun when it plays up like that. Several years ago I had problems with the back of my was never really diagnosed, but all signs pointed to spondylitis. One fine day I got so sick of the flare-ups that decided to try a combination of acupuncture and acupressure. I am seldom bothered by it now.

I don't mind creepy crawlies...they are quite fascinating actually! :)
Lisa Johnson said…
tsiporah - Thank you! Yesterday was a rough one.

nina - Did you go and see it? ; )

david sullivan - I'm off the Valium. I just took it for a few nights. I really don't like taking medication, so for me to get it is super extreme. But I am trying to keep taking deep breaths! ; )

capcity - I'm glad that I supplied a laugh! What a day! Luckily the spiders are gone. I sprayed and my landlord is going to do some more. And thanks for the distant hug!

tera - It's funny because spiders used to never bother me. I always used to let them live because I thought they would eat other bugs. Now I'm going to kill every spider on sight!

so simple - I sprayed and my landlord is going to do more spraying in the house. I first saw them downstairs in the entry way and I think they came up into my apartment.
Lisa Johnson said…
asha - It is nice I got all that cleaning done. I've never seen a snake in person in regular life. I hope I never do! I would have let out a blood curdling scream instead of a yelp!

cynthia - I'm SO glad that yesterday is over!

bipolarlawyercook - Thank you for your concern. My back is feeling much better, but I guess getting back to normal is going to be a bit of a process. I really miss my yoga class! Snakes and bats would really freak me out!

sai - Thank you! I'm feeling better today. Unfortunately the main problem is that I'm sitting in front of a computer all day.

lotus reads - I have considered acupuncture or acupressure. I've heard that they really help. I'm going to try some physical therapy first.
Suldog said…
Have you ever had a professional therapeutic massage, Anali? It may help. I get one once every three months or so - not because I have any outstanding physical problems, but just because it is so relaxing and takes all of the little knots and kinks out. After every softball season ends, I get a deep tissue massage (that one is slightly painful, but very good for the wear and tear built up over the season.)

I sleep like a baby for the two or three nights following a massage. I've even come home from a massage and been so relaxed I just napped right then and there.

One other thing: If you do have one, be sure to specify what sex you'd like to have do the massage on you. Some folks are most comfortable with their own sex and others prefer the opposite sex. I am straight, but I prefer a male for that very reason. If I'm getting touch from a female, I think more about her than I do relax :-)
Nance said…
Okay, so one of the reasons I married my husband was so that someone else could kill the spiders.

And he is okay with that.
Lisa Johnson said…
suldog - I've had several massages at the spa that I mentioned before. It really helps a lot, but I can only have them so often because of the cost.

nance - Lucky you! ; )
amisha said…
i am with you on this... spiders freak me out badly! especially the furry ones. (shudder!)
so i am back and catching up on your posts :) and your olive-oil free soap is up in the shop!! enjoy :)

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