I Say A Little Prayer For You

Do you remember that song by Dionne Warwick? I used to love it. I still like it actually. It was the first thing that popped into my head when I thought about taking a picture of my new Blessing Garland from Nepal.

I bought it yesterday while doing a little shopping at Ten Thousand Villages. I love this store! The garland is modeled after prayer flags from Tibet which "offer a way to send silent blessings on the wings of the wind." I love the way the store is arranged. Everything is really organized and you can tell the country that the items come from. Oh and the best thing is that everything is Fair Trade, so I know the artisans are making money from their products.

I bought a few other things including this ring and bracelet. If I had unlimited money or at least more than I do now, I could have dropped several hundred dollars in that store within ten minutes. I soooo had to restrain myself!

I visited the store in Coolidge Corner in Brookline. I dropped off my car to get it detailed, so now it's all nice and clean. It takes three hours, so I walked around and did some shopping. I also found an Indian store called Kashmir Food & Spices and bought some rice flour. I'm going to be using that soon!

Well, I've given myself a time limit for this blog post and it expires in two minutes, so that's all folks! And I say a little prayer for all of you.

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Cynthia said…
Thanks for the prayer. I love ten thousand villages store. Whenever I visit the US and find one I go crazy shopping. :)

Limiting yourself on the blog now huh :)
KAYLEE said…
KAYLEE said…
how r u? I fainted yesterday:P
Lisa Johnson said…
cynthia - Your're welcome! I'm trying to limit myself. I'm ten minutes over right now!

kaylee - Thank you! I'm fine. My back is much better. Then again I've been taking it easy and haven't done much. I'm also trying to limit my blog time. I'm behind in my blog reading. I'm so sorry that you fainted! Take care and I'm definitely sending some prayers your way for a successful surgery.
Gunfighter said…
Hi Anali!

I have always loved that song. A true musical memory of my childhood.

I really love the idea of the prayer banner/flags!
Tera said…
Anali~That jewelry is beautiful! I've got to get out more...it sounds like I could spend a few hours, EASILY in that store!
Suldog said…
Thank you, Anali, for the prayer. I can use all the help anyone is willing to give me!

It's funny, I say prayers at night for most of the folks on my blogroll. I wonder how widespread this is, in any fashion?
CapCity said…
thanx 4 the prayer! i need 2 limit my blog-time, too!
AVIANA said…
hey chicki!

hope all is good...you might like www.novica.com they sale items from all over the world and the money goes directly into the craftsman's hands.

PunditMom said…
I love that store too!

Hope to meet you at BlogHer!
Your flags are great, and a wonderful reminder to be generous of spirit. I try to do my "infinite compassion" meditations a few times a week, but maybe a visual reminder like yours will help!
karrie said…
I think I suddenly "need" new earrings! And if I go to the Brookline store, I can hit the Booksmith afterwards. :)
Nance said…
What coincidences: there is a Ten Thousand Villages where I just vacationed (and posted about) in Niagara-on-the-Lake, and your sneak peak photo is pretty much described in Monday's Tie Report! LOL!!
Lotus Reads said…
Hi, Anali!

I love Ten Thousand Villages and last weekend we were at the one that Nance refers to (the one in Niagara-on-the-Lake) and I saw beautiful jewelery, very much like the ones you bought, on display there. They had a ton of customers and goods were just flying out of the store!
KAYLEE said…
atopped by to say hi!!!!!!!!!!
Nina said…
I wish I had cool places like that to shop at close by. What a great way to send some extra time...lovely jewelry too!
Dezel Quillen said…
Hello Anali,

I love that song! However, I did not know Dionne brought it out; I like the Aretha version. Guess I will have to dig into I-Tunes for that one. Love your “sneek peek” – Have yourself a great weekend.

Sai said…
I love those prayer garlands and also the jewelry. One sees something similar to that in Buddhist temples in Nepal.
Lisa Johnson said…
gunfighter - Hi! Good to *see* you! And thanks!

tera - Thank you! I hope you can find one of their stores around your way!

suldog - You're welcome! That would be interesting to look into how many people pray for their fellow bloggers. From what I see, it is pretty widespread.

capcity - You're welcome!

aviana - Thanks for the website! They have some pretty cool stuff!
Lisa Johnson said…
punditmom - I hope to meet you at Blogher too! I'm so not ready. I can barely even think about it yet! Why do so many things come up right before getting ready to go away?

bipolarlawyercook - Thanks! It is a nice visual reminder. ; )

karrie - It's such a great area to wander around and shop. I hope you find your earrings!

nance - I guess we were on the same wavelength!
Lisa Johnson said…
lotus reads - Hi girl! ; ) Wow, we have a triple coincidence!

kaylee - Hi! I hope you are doing well! I haven't had a chance to stop by many blogs and comment this week.

nina - Well, luckily you can still shop online! : )

dezel - I guess I always think of the Dionne version first. I hope you were able to find it. Have a great weekend too!

sai - Thanks! Yes, I think they are very similar.

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