Baking & Baseball

Have you been wondering how my fantasy baseball team is doing? Yeah, probably not.

Well, now that I've put the idea in your head, you can check out the current status of my team, which includes a big trade. And check out my latest recipe on my food blog, And Razzleberry Dressing on BoomerGirl!

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I just moved to San Diego and the Red Sox were here last week. The ratio of more Red Sox gear-wearing-guys to Padres-gear-wearing guys was about 10 to 3. You can't shake the Red Sox no matter how far away you move. I should know as my husband is currently looking for a new Red Sox cap. ;)
Nina said…
Those pretzles look yummy! Too bad I have this fear of cooking with yeast.
Roger Clemens? Aaahh! No! But those pretzels look delicious. I like the soft & chewy kind. Thanks for the recipe! I'll try them out on my dad this weekend and see how that goes. ; )
Tera said…
Those look scrumdili-icious!
karmic said…
Those goodies look delicious!
Suldog said…
Oh, man! Home-baked pretzels. My mouth is literally watering. I am sincerely about to drool all over my keyboard.
KAYLEE said…
Those look good and I enjoyed reading your baseball post on your other blog.OF COURSE, I am freak when it comes to mY RED SOX!I LOVE THEM:D
Anonymous said…
wow....looks great
I'm trying to find a way I can insert a drooling sound on my comments to you Anali.

My God - everything you make looks so darn good!!!

Home-made pretzels? Come on!!!

So unfair!!!!1
Lisa Johnson said…
susan - Red Sox Nation in full effect!! ; )

nina - You should try it! It isn't as hard as you think. And the worst that could happen is that it won't rise. You can always try again.

bipolarlawyercook - When I drafted him to my team, I still had pie in the sky dreams that he might join the Red Sox. I hope your Dad likes the pretzels! ; )

tera - Thanks!

mizrepresent - Thank you!
Lisa Johnson said…
sanjay - Thanks!

suldog - You'd better wipe that up! ; )

kaylee - Thanks!

dilip - Welcome! And thank you!

the thinking black man - LOL! : ) That drooling sound would be hilarious!
Sai said…
I had left a message previously but for some reason it didn't get saved.

Anyway that looks delicious!
BTW I never visit your blog when I am hungry ;-)
Lisa Johnson said…
sai - Thank you! I'm glad that you're well-fed and stopped by to visit! ; )
amisha said…
i don't follow baseball i must confess, but your pretzels look and sound divine! can i have the food without watching the game? :)
So So Simple said…
Hi Anali
Interesting. How big are your pretzels? I have eaten them a couple of times in New York but they are not available in NZ.
Would one really fill you up?
Ihad trouble leaving a comment on the boomer girl site
Lisa Johnson said…
amisha - Yes you can! ; )

so simple - They are about the size of a fist. I don't know why you couldn't leave a comment there, but I'm sure it was just a temporary problem.
Lotus Reads said…
Anali, there's no such thing as too chocolaty, I love the icecream you created, mmmmmmm!
Lisa Johnson said…
lotus reads - I guess I'm convinced! Keep the two chocolate bars! It's never too chocolaty!! ; )

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