Another Blogroll & Some Peace Of Mind

I hadn't planned to post today, because I have a bunch of things to do and need to get out of the house twenty minutes ago. Oh well...

First, let me direct your attention to the lower middle portion of my right sidebar. I'm saying this in my softspoken flight attendant voice. Not that I've ever been one, but this is the voice that I'm using while I'm saying this in my head.

I've joined and added The Foodie Blogroll! This blogroll was created by Jenn, The Leftover Queen. She's also one of the very cool Daring Bakers. If you're a foodie, click here to join.

Second, I just wanted to share a very nice day spa that I go to every once in a while. It's on Hancock Street in Quincy and aptly named Peace of Mind. Here is a link to their also very nice website. (Updated 12/31/2010:  They went out of business) I've been going here for years.

My back has still been bothering me and I've been trying to figure out what I did before to help it get back to normal. Usually I'll have three or four massages a year, but I haven't had one for a long time. So this morning I had one. I usually get the Moist Heat Massage, which is really wonderful. When I leave there, I'm so relaxed I'm practically unconscious, which is probably why I've been having a hard time leaving the house. It's really amazing. Anyway, if you're in the area, check them out. Have a good weekend friends!

And one more thing. I already published this post, but I'm adding this because I'm rather intrigued. Have you ever heard of BlogShares?

I was just checking my sitemeter and noticed a referall from them. It appears to be a fantasy blog stock market and people "invest" in blogs, like stocks. Well, lo and behold, people have invested in my blog and it's being traded. Kind of weird and cool at the same time. Apparently my blog was voted into the industries by some people. Click here for more information. Look up your own blog. You might be there too! The blogosphere never ceases to amaze me!

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AVIANA said…
have a nice weekend!
AVIANA said…

I'm taking a break from blogging cuz of some things going on...but thanks for this post....i just checked and my site is being invested too!!!!....Wow! Me....I dont' get it...there's nothin of major substance like yours.... hmm

AVIANA said…
AND...we're linked in this investment thing! funny shouldn't we be getting something?! :)
Lotus Reads said…
A nice, informative post Anali, I am intrigued by Blogshares, must check it out, and ohhhhh, a massage, I had a great one this weekend, but I'm greedy for more! Off to visit blogshares now!
Gypsy Purple said…
Thanks for the links!!!
FH said…
Hope your back gets better.I joined that foodie blog too:))
Thanks for the links,I will check it out.Have a Sunday.
Cynthia said…
Hi Anali, thanks for stopping by my blog. And thanks for the compliments also.

Yours is so much fun, it is a little bit of everything - some food, places to go relax, fun - blogshares, see what I mean? I plan to hang out here often so I've added you to my feeds.

Please come back and visit me when you can.

Have a good weekend.
karmic said…
Thank you for the post, I should check out blogshares too. And nothing like a good massage to get you all relaxed.
KAYLEE said…
OOOOOOO I love massages.I should check out the blogshares thing.I am going to try to post some pictures of my new dog on my blog soon...took some yesterday just have to load them on the computer..they will probably be up tomorrow or tuesday:)
Actually I don't have any rules babe, when people do just what I want.
And anyway it seems like you fail on the apple pie front. Although the blueberry pie sounds somewhat promising.

Is that your house?

What is a share in your blog worth? You are a blog entre preneur.
wheresmymind said…
Never had a massage before...moist heat or otherwise
Lisa Johnson said…
lisa francisco aka aviana - I hope you had a good weekend! Mine was very nice and very busy! I hope you're able to get things sorted out and get back to doing what you love.

And what's this "nothing of major substance" comment??!! You're launching your singing career! That's HUGE!! I just hope you'll remember all us little people when you accept your Grammy! ; )

lotus reads - I love massages! If I had a lot of money, I'd get at least one a week. And I didn't notice until after I posted that most of the blogs that I'm linked to in some way, come up in my blog report. I just saw that you bought up some of your shares! I did the same thing! What a cool game!

gypsy purple - Welcome! And you are quite welcome! ; )

asha - I found the foodie blogroll on your blog! Thanks! Have an excellent week!

cynthia - Welcome! And thank you too! I'm glad you're having fun here! I'll definitely be by to see you again too!
Lisa Johnson said…
sanjay - I just looked up your blog and two people own a bunch of your shares! Your analyst report says good things!

kaylee - This blogshares thing is really fun! And I'll be looking for the new pictures! ; )

something from me - The house is the spa that I mentioned. The sign is on the side, so I couldn't get it in the same picture.

Right now my shares are penny stock. When I first bought, I only paid 29 cents in blog money, but twenty minutes later, the price was up to 71 cents. My outgoing link value is $26.83. It's really a fun game!

wheresmymind - You have to get one! You'll be transformed!
Suldog said…
Ahhhh, massage! I've got to get one - haven't had one for four or five months now. Pure hour of heaven!
So So Simple said…
Gudday Anali
Have sent my details to Jenn for the blogroll hope I am accepted.
What a great idea.
You should treat yourself to massages more often all those hours we spend at computers plays havoc with our backs and necks, they need pampering.
By the way I love your photo on Boomer girl. Going to make the muffins this week for the staff. Let you know how they go.
Nance said…
I keep waiting for my health plan to cover massage, therapeutic or otherwise. Sigh. Still no luck on that front.
Lisa Johnson said…
suldog - It is heaven!

so simple - Hi! I do need more,but they are not in my weekly or even monthly budget unfortunately. : (
I hope everyone likes the muffins!

nance - I was hoping for that too!
Dewey said…
Well, I tried to play that blog investment game, but you can only add a blog if you register, and you can only register if your blog has been added!
Lisa Johnson said…
dewey - I just added your blog. Supposedly this should be your link to get to it. It will take about a half an hour to go through. Have fun!

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