Summer - Finally

I woke up this morning to blazing sun, a new warmth in the air, and the distinct smell of summer. Today it's going to be in the 90's and we may break a record. I did some baking this morning before it got too hot. It will be part an upcoming post and is related to the "Sneak Peek" photo. I just put my air conditioner on for the first time this season and it's nice and cool in here now.

I'm amazed that these flowers from last week are still going strong! I'm also fascinated by how the same things can look at different times, so I thought I'd take another picture. Also, I bought new sky blue bamboo sheets, which I think are so pretty.

I read about bamboo sheets about a year ago and they're supposed to be good for the environment and very comfortable. My flannel sheets and wool blankets are now packed away and recently I'd been noticing more advertisements for bamboo sheets. The ones online were really expensive and 100% bamboo. I bought mine at Target for much less, but they are 60% cotton and 40% bamboo. They're really soft and cool. What a nice summer treat! Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend!

This news just in! I mentioned in my old post here, that BoomerGirl was nominated for an EPpy award. We won yesterday! Read more about it here.

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jac said…
I am from bamboo country.
Should I just cut and make it a sheet ?
Are they plastic flowers babe?
I once bought someone a plastic rose (not Maggie this time).
Can you guess where they are now?
Suldog said…
Hooray about the award! Great!
Tera said…
I just love good weather and sunshine! :)
Nina said…
Congrats on the win, Anali!!!

I totally agree with you about the same things looking different sometimes. I find it especially true with art. I commisioned my neighbor to do a painting for my house. Whenever I sit back to admire it, I notice something new and different. It truly is amazing.

Bamboo sheets...I haven't heard about these. I'm going to check that out!
FH said…
Congrats on the win and what a great time to win too.Summer is almost here:))
It's so hot here,we are expecting a drought if it goes on like for one more week already.
Never heard of Bamboo sheets!!Will check it out.Interesting.Have a great long weekend Anali.
Nance said…
very very warm here in NE ohio. third day in a row that we've hit almost 90. i'm in heaven. my students are "dying." naturally, they're anxious for summer. i always say, "how many teachers do you have--5 or 6? I have over 100 students. who do YOU think is more anxious for summer???!!!"
Omar Cruz said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
AVIANA said…
Hi chicki!

Congrats on Boomergirl and have a nice weekend!
Anonymous said…
Congras on the award:) just brr glad it aint 110 there everyday like it is here:-)
David Sullivan said…
Bamboo sheets!! Whats next dunegrass undies?
Lisa Johnson said…
jac - LOL! Yes, the would be so comfortable! ; )

something from me - LOL! I don't think I'd be surprised they were still alive if they were plastic! Only fresh flowers in my house! Oh, I do have some dried flowers too.

suldog - Thank you!

tera - It's such a relief to not have to wear tons of clothing.

nina - Thank you! That's pretty cool that you commissioned a picture! That sounds like an interesting blog post on how that came about.

asha - That's the thing about the heat and no rain - drought and wildfires. We actually had some fires here a little while ago. But right now it's perfect! Enjoy your weekend too! ; )
Lisa Johnson said…
nance - I think it's only going to be in the 80's up here today, then it's going to get a little cooler. LOL! And that's funny about the students! I guess you cannot wait to get out of there!!

lisa francisco aka aviana - Hey girl! Thank you and you too!

kaylee - Thank you! I could not deal with 110 everyday. Even though it's dry. I realized how bad dry heat can be when I was in Las Vegas in the summer. Wow, that was bad!

david sullivan - LOL! Oh I'm sure someone will do it! Natural fibers - heck ya! People would probably spend $30 for them and you KNOW it's true! I bet someone is alread doing it!
Anonymous said…
Yeah you know...thats why I love going to boston in the summer.Its still warm there but not as bad as it is here:-) have a great holiday weekend.By the way thanks for visiting my blog.
Tsiporah said…
Bamboo sheets?? I have never heard of such I might have to go to Target and look for them. Congratulations to Boomergirl on their win!!!
CapCity said…
I, too, will be looking for the bamboo sheets! I thought I'd hit pay dirt with the T-shirt sheets...thanx for the inside scoop.
KAYLEE said…
bamboo sheets? I may be asking a dumb question but,what are those? young curious minds want to know. I made a new blog to called"my life:-)
Lisa Johnson said…
kaylee - You have a great weekend too! No question is dumb! I'm not sure how the process works, but from what I understand, bamboo plant fibers are somehow made into a very soft fabric. Because bamboo grows fast and does not need a lot of pesticides and chemicals, it's supposed to be better for the environment than some other materials.

tsiporah - Bamboo is the new cool thing in bed linens! And thanks!

capcity - I guess bamboo is the new black! ; ) You're welcome! Let me know what you think of them.

And if anyone is wondering, no unfortunately I'm not being paid for my discussion of bamboo sheets! I'm curious to know how people like them though.
Anonymous said…
i cant hep but to notice you have lots of sunflowers! i love sunflowers..but it's hard to find one here. If you want one, you have to go to the flower shop =]
Lotus Reads said…
Have a wonderful Memorial Weekend, Anali! Our long weekend (Victoria Day) was last weekend, the 28th is a working Monday :(
KAYLEE said…
Thanks for clarifying that:)
AVIANA said…
Happy monday!
Lisa Johnson said…
avila - Good to "see" you back! These are actually Gerbera daisies, but I love sunflowers too!

lotus reads - Thanks! I went to a nice barbecue earlier. The weather cooled down a bit, but overall the weather has been perfect here this weekend.

kaylee - You're welcome!

lisa francisco aka aviana - You too!
karrie said…

I've never heard of bamboo sheets, but they sound interesting.
Lisa Johnson said…
karrie - Thank you!
suttonhoo said…
Lisa Johnson said…
suttonhoo - Thank you!
So funny-- I recently tried the bamboo sheets from Target, too. My brother bought them as a "spare" set for while we were all out visiting my mother. So soft! So silky! They're heavier than cotton, so I don't know how they would do in the Boston summers when I resist turning on the AC, but I liked them very much in the cool southern Calif. air.
Lisa Johnson said…
bipolarlawyercook - What a coincidence! They feel fairly cool to me. When it gets really hot, I do put on the air conditioner though.

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