Stop CyberBullying Day - March 30, 2007

I've been pretty lucky to have some great people visiting my blog. However, there are some people who are not so nice to people offline as well as online. I just read here about how we can spread awareness of this problem and hopefully combat it.


karmic said…
I am lucky that way too. I used to have a republican "troll" who kept hanging out at my blog. He was not a bully though, and I don't really like to delete anyone's comments or ban people, so I let him be. After telling us how the dems were never gonna win an election again, he quietly vanished after the November elections.
BTW great cookie recipes too.
AVIANA said…
i have yet to encounter cyberbullying (wow that is a term that exists!) partly i think no one really comes to my site. i guess this is an easier avenue to bully since you are not seen. people do lots of things when they think no one will no who they are..
FH said…
I love that logo and will post it in mine along with the 'Be kind' one too.

Although I am not bullied by anyone yet,I am tired of some bloggers asking me "Are you human? Do you sleep?" blah blah!!:D

Few pics, and dishes in one single post per week is hard to take for few who almost post every day of the week!!Weird,ain't it?:p

These logos might help to shut it.Thanks Anali.You are a sweetie,who could have the heart to bully you girl?!
Have a great weekend.
Lotus Reads said…
Hi, Anali

Although I have never run into any unpleasant people on my blog or on anyone else's for that matter (knock on wood), it serves to be aware of cyber bullying, so I thank you for the link and the logo.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lisa Johnson said…
sanjay - I'm glad that troll went away! It's odd that with this post, I had some comment spam that I had to delete.

lisa francisco - I've seen one of these people on a website that I visit, but the blog owner kept engaging him, which was what the bully wanted. It was such a waste of ime. He should have just ignored him. But I guess that's easy for me to say.

asha - I hope that this logo doesn't invite comment spam on your blog, because I just got some. I hope I wasn't taken in by a scam!

lotus reads - You're welcome and I hope you don't encounter any of them either!
Kuan Gung said…
I haven't had that problem yet, however in political blogs it's rampant...warm greetings
jac said…
It is very good starting.

I think the problem is from us too that many of us keep quite about it.
The comment moderations gives it a shade and chance for us to keep mum about it, giving them a chance to bully more.
Peter N said…
Just a change of subjects and a little off-topic. What else is new? I'm sorry. It's Saturday early afternoon, and I found you, and your blog. And that's why I'm smiling. So Anali, be happy, be healthy. Be safe. Because I'll always be your fan. Peter....take care! I meant every word.........
Lisa Johnson said…
kuan gung - That's true. I do tend to see it more on political blogs. You have such a nice peaceful blog, it would be very difficult to disagree with you! : )

jac - Good point. Not talking about it is no way to combat a problem.

peter n - As always, thank you for stopping by! And that's no joke - even though I'm writing this on April 1st!

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