Sweet Art!

This beautiful photograph is hanging in the hallway in my apartment. My uncle took this picture and is an amazing photographer. He also took the picture of me that I used for BoomerGirl and for some fun in the post below.

From when I was a child to the present, he has taken some of the major pictures of me and our whole family. He has been the keeper of many family photos and to this day, he can still pull out photos of our family from years past that I have never seen. It's pretty amazing, especially when they are of people who have passed on and those photos show me a bit of family history and give me a different perspective.

For the past few years, he has been showing his work in the Boston area. Through the month of February, he will have a solo exhibit titled KALEIDOSCOPE - A Child's Face (Infinitely Varying and Constantly Changing) consisting of 24 black and white and color portraits of children. The exhibit is at JP Licks in Jamaica Plain through the month of February.

I hope people in the Boston area will stop by and take a look, have some ice cream and maybe buy some art! To find out more about his work, check out his website.


FH said…
Kudos to your uncle! I don't have many photos of my teenage yrs at all and I wish I had somebody like your uncle.Lovely photo of a Butterfly although it's not very clear to take a real good look.
Hope ppl visit and buy the Art!:))
amisha said…
thanks for sharing your uncle's website... what beautiful work! i love the children photos and the cuba series. gorgeous.
karmic said…
Thank you for sharing about your uncle. I loved the photos at his site. Nothing like the map that a human face presents.
Peter N said…
Yes, your Uncle is so talented. You must love him so much. Take care!
wheresmymind said…
I LOVE buttefly pix :)
Anonymous said…
Loved the photographs on your uncles website.thanks for sharing.
Suldog said…
Wow! Your uncle captures souls on film. Those are magnificent photographs.
karrie said…
He's very talented! I love the composition. The small details like the Dora bandage really convey a mood.

Now I have a good excuse to go eat ice cream. :)
Lisa Johnson said…
asha - I agree that every family needs someone taking pictures. I hope he gets lots of visitors and sales too!

amisha - Your welcome! They are wonderful. I was awe-struck when I first saw them.

sanjay - Thanks for taking a look! The human face is pretty amazing.

peter n - Thank you and yes I do!

wheresemymind - Me too! : )

lalitha - I'm glad you liked them. You're welcome!

suldog - I'll pass along the compliments!

karrie - I do love that one too. Definitely a good excuse! : )
jac said…
I checked both the links.
He has real talent and I wrote it too.

Thank you for sharing.
Lisa Johnson said…
jac - Thank you and you're welcome!
david santos said…
Very, very, good.
Tank you
Sai said…
This is so amazing! Your uncle is extremely talented.

Thanks a lot for sharing.
Nance said…
I think there must be a picture-taking gene, and that I definitely do NOT have it. I hate taking photos and being in photos. The idea of having to carry a camera around, even these teeny, thin new digital ones, irritates me to no end. It's unfortunate, though, because there aren't a whole lot of pictures of me or my kids that I've taken. Luckily, my youngest sister has the gene--boy, does she--and she shares her photos. Your uncle has it, obviously, and is certainly generous to share it as he is.

You take pictures, too. Do you prefer people subjects or landscapes, or "stuff?"
Lisa Johnson said…
david santos - Welcome and hello! I'm glad you liked the post.

sai - You're welcome!

nance - I love taking pictures and I actually like having my picture taken when I have control over the final picture and who sees it. If I don't have some control over it, then I don't like being photographed so much.

I guess I prefer landscapes and still lifes, but I like taking pictures of people too. It's hard to take pictures of people and be in a conversation though, so it can be distracting.
Lotus Reads said…
Wow, Anali, those portraits are just GORGEOUS! Please let your uncle know that his work is thought highly of!

Thanks for sharing.
suttonhoo said…
wonderful! is this enyasi's papa? I've heard about his work but never had a chance to see it -- thank you for posting this!
Lisa Johnson said…
lotus reads - Aren't they? I'll pass along your praises! Thank you!

suttonhoo - Yes, this is her father! You're welcome!
Enyasi said…
Anali- you ROCK! I was feeling bummed that I could not see my dad's exhibit and then I stumbled across your post and the link to the JP Licks artist page. Many Many Thanks
Lisa Johnson said…
enyasi - Thanks cuz! It was really nice. And you are quite welcome! : )

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