Thursday, February 1, 2007

Curious About This Dish?

Check out the recipe here.

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Dezel said...

Hello Anali,

Looks rather tasty and great presentation. I guessed it wrong, will not say what I thought it was...perhaps I will have to try this out to. Might marry well with something in my wine collection. Great Job Chef Anali : ) Have a nice weekend.

Happy Sipping!


Anali said...

dezel - Thank you! Uh oh,what did you think it was? LOL!

Let me know if you try it and what wine you serve it with. : )

amisha said...

oh, *yum*! i really need to start cooking fish again... that sounds delish.

Asha said...

Looks like Salmon Anali!!With grilled red bell peppers!! Yum!!

Peter N said...

Now Anali, this is NOT fair. I'm here almost daily, but it seems you post a pic or two of a mouth-watering dish when I am at my most vulnerable state of starvation.
Take can't keep me away from here, and I hope your Mom continues on her path of healingness. P, and I mean that!!

Peter N said...

And Anali, I just read your previous subway post, and you mentioned in one of your comments that your Mom might need more medical procedures. My hopes and prayers are right here for you. P

wheresmymind said...

Food tease!! lol

Anali said...

amisha - It was great! If I do say so myself!

asha - Nope! It's not salmon! Did you click on the link to read the article and the recipe?

peter n - Expect to see food here! Lots of food! : ) And thanks for the prayers for my mom.

wheresmymind - You got it! : )

Lotus Reads said...

Anali, anytime we go to an all seafood restaurant, I always order Mahi-Mahi, but have never cooked it at home - your recipe really makes me want to. It looks delicious!

Anali said...

lotus reads - I hope you try it!

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