Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick

This post is going to be short and sweet. It's official! Deval Patrick is our new Governor!

I've done a bunch of posts about my volunteer work, but I thought that the big day was deserving of something too.

Everyone seems shocked that I'm not going to the inauguration or any of the festivities, but I've had my fill of crowds for a while. I'm very happy to enjoy this day from a distance. Today is a good day.


Anonymous said…
what kind of volunteer work do you do? it is all about good days ! enjoy it :)
karmic said…
People have good things to say about Gov. Patrick, incl a former coworker who lives in Springfield.
And a big yay to you for the volunteer work you did!
A lot of credit goes to the ppl of MA who voted for him as well.
FH said…
Great to see a African American face in the crowd and we should have more and more minorities in there!:))Good job Anali for your part in it!
wheresmymind said…
Wow...I AM surprised you aren't gonna be front and center for the festivities!
Gunfighter said…
Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!
Lisa Johnson said…
aulelia - Welcome! I was just one of the thousands who volunteered as part of his grass-roots campaign. I mostly made phone calls, but the most exciting thing for me was being a Delegate for him at the State Democratic Convention. I really felt like I was part of the process.

sanjay - He is pretty amazing! In case anyone is interested, here is a link to the text of his speech today.

asha - It is wonderful! And I truly admire his vision for the future.

wheresmymind - You and seemingly everyone I know!

gunfighter - Yippee!!
Margie said…
A good day for Mass.
Nancy Pelosi was sworn in today too!
That made me very happy!
A good day all around!
Happy new year, Anali!
Hope it's a great one for you!

Anonymous said…
It's about freaking time! (On so many levels.)

Let's just hope the other recent governor does not wage a successful run for the White House. *shudder*
Sai said…
Hey Anali:
I just heard this on NPR this morning.

Yay to you for the volunteering work that you do!
PunditMom said…
It is a good day!
Lisa Johnson said…
samuru999 - It's a good day for the history books! Happy New Year!

karrie - I'm really surprised that Romney has set up his headquarters here. I thought he would leave the state! Oh well. Let's hope his candidacy dies an early death.

sai - Thank you!

punditmom - Definitely!
Anonymous said…
Congrats, I pray for the brother's wisdom and peace while he is there!
Lisa Johnson said…
dj black adam - Welcome! And thanks! I have very high hopes!
Kuan Gung said…
A Great Day for good old Mass...and, a great day for America!
Lisa Johnson said…
kuan gung - A great day all around!

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