Better Taste - A Follow-Up Post

About a month ago, I wrote a post about my experience with my friends at the Elephant & Castle Pub & Restaurant. Read post here.

I appreciated reading so many nice comments and hearing people's experiences. Universal Hub picked it up, so many people read it. Most of you who commented urged me to contact management by writing or calling the restaurant. I said that I preferred them to contact me if they were serious.

Last night I happened to find some new comments on some old posts and one of them was from the General Manager at E&C. Below is her comment.
"My name is Mary Martin and I am the General Manger of the Elephant and Castle. I have become aware of the situation and would like to address the comments of this blog. At our pub, we strive to provide excellent service to our guests, and of course are concerned anytime a guest has a less than satisfactory experience. When this does happen, I seek to address the issue and make sure that I have improved the situation with the guest.

I would also like to address the comments where the guest percieved that the service was based in discrimination. I would like to assure you that at the Elephant & Castle diversity is a key component of our culture both with our guests, as well as is reflected in our employee group. Here at our Pub, we employ people from all races and ethnic origins, including several African Americans. I would like to invite the guest who placed the original post to contact me, so that I can extend my apologies and try to amend the situation."

I'm not sure how Mary found the post, but I'm glad that she saw it. I called her today and she apologized and has offered a complimentary meal for me and my friends. I told her that I would talk to my friends and we would decide if we would go. I'm not sure. However, I do appreciate her apology and making the effort. She assured me that this type of treatment would not happen to anyone again.


wheresmymind said…
I'd take advantage of it...that way you can spend more money on drinks! This could've been left alone...they didn't have to write at all. Nobody should've been treated the way you apology is at least a starting point, right?
FH said…
Hey! That's a good very good news!:)) Apology was great gesture indeed! If I were you,I would hesitate go there for free dinner as well but may be you should take whole bunch of friends and have a blast on them and why not!Serves them right!!:D:D
starry said…
I am glad they aplogized.It goes to show that Bloggers do have a voice.You never know who may read it.
Nance said…
Almost everyone deserves a second chance, Anali. She did seek you out, which was one of your conditions, and made the effort to make amends. Make the offer to your friends and see who's game, perhaps, and see what the place has to offer. At best, they can repair a bad first impression. At worst, they can prove you right in the first place and you can revisit the issue here.
Margie said…
Hi Anali
I am glad you got an aplogy!
That is very good!

Thanks for your last visit...
I did appreciate it, and your kind words! It was good for my sister ... to be with her, and good for me too!
My sis is doing better!
I am back home now in this freezing CO weather!!! BRRRRRR!
Take care!
Have a great weekend!

Dezel Quillen said…
Hello Anali,

I would agree with the top post; accept the apology and have a nice meal and share a few smiles and laughs. It was big of them to see it and apologize and make the offer. The bridge is not always burned...go cross it : )

Happy Sipping!

Lisa Johnson said…
Thanks for the comments everyone! We are still deciding what we want to do. I'll most likely have one more follow-up post...
Lotus Reads said…
What a turn of events, Anali, you must keep us posted with what you decide to do! Blogger is turning out to be a very powerful medium, yeay blogger! I'm so glad your post was noted and that the pub wants to make amends. Way to go!
Sai said…
Hey Anali:
I feel that apology was the least they could do but the fact that she has invited for a complimentary meal is indeed a good start. Just for one ignoramus it does not make sense to brand the entire restaurant especially if the food is good.

Do let us know what you decide!
Suldog said…

My two cents - since she took the time to seek you out and contact you, it would be a nice gesture on your part to take her up on the freebie. Of course, you'll want to discuss it with your friends - you're not the boss of them, right :-)

(A sneaky aside: She only knows you, so if your friends don't want to go, you could take a whole different bunch with you. I'm just saying...)

By the way, thanks for stopping by my place and leaving such nice comments. I should have done this a while back, but I've now linked your site from mine.

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