Unexpected Warmth

Earier today, well now yesterday, on the last day of November, we broke a record in Boston. The temperature made it up to 69 degrees! The previous record high for Boston on November 30th was 68 degrees set in 1881.

Instead of switching from the Red Line to the Green Line at Park Street, I exited the station and walked to work. It was so beautiful.

It's supposed to be warm again today, but rainy and windy. I'm glad I took my walk while the sun was shining brightly.

I should have walked around this dome structure to find out more, but I didn't, so I cannot give you more information, but I like the look of it and it brings back memories.

Many many years ago, I had a really nice date that ended with a stroll around the Common late at night. We walked up into this dome thing, looked out and kissed under the stars.

And lest you think this is too happy a post, I learned that several hours after my stroll down memory lane, someone was stabbed near Park Street. Now ain't that a kick in the head?


Gunfighter said…
We also had a beautiful day here in DC, yesterday.

The temp was up to 70 degrees in the afternoon!

Wasn't that a great gift in November?
jac said…
There you have some beautiful pics, anali

That is tweet memories for my cousin !!!! Kissing by the dome and looking out at the stars :))hmmmm
wheresmymind said…
It was a beautiful day yesterday!
suttonhoo said…
thanks for bringing us all back down to earth, Anali. ;)

great pics -- as for us -- we have a snow day in Chicago -- woo hoo!
Mosilager said…
nice! I like it when people take time to stop and smell the flowers.
FH said…
Beautiful day and photos, Anali:) Glad you enjoyed to the fullest.Cold and snow is coming:)

We are back from the beach, it was beautiful there too.
Margie said…
This morning we are having lots of snow (it is beautiful)
but, I was wishing for a sunny day with warmth, as I had planned on a hike...
Well, guess I'll just stay inside and sip hot chocolate!

Thanks for the very nice pictures!
What a wonderful day...wow! 69 degrees!
What a sweet memory of that date from years back...looking up while in the dome...and kissing under the stars...
ahhhhh! beautiful memories!

Have a wonderful day Anali!

Lisa Johnson said…
gunfighter - It was quite a gift! The only problem is I was getting used to it and now reality is setting in again. : (

jac - Glad you liked them cuz!

wheresmymind - It was the best!

suttonhoo - I saw all the storm pictures on the news last night. You guys really got clobbered! Snow storms can be fun though if you don't have to go outside unless you want to.

mosilager - It was my Zen moment for the day where I enjoyed the present.

asha - I'm bracing myself for the cold. This week is going to be brutal.

samuru999 - Wow! You've alread had snow a few times there. We are supposed to get snow on Monday. Sipping hot chocolate, or any hot drink for that matter, is a great way to ride out a snow storm - hot tea, coffe, cider. Yum! And some good DVDs too!
Anonymous said…
oh! and also i like how the leaves fall, touches the ground. it feels so warm and chill....here is very humid =\
Jeseem said…
kissing next to the dome on a statlit night. well that is so nice and beautiful

njoy the good weather while it lasts
Lisa Johnson said…
avila - Fall is a beautiful season, but I do prefer summer. I love warm weather, but I'm not a big fan of humidity!

jeseem - Well, luckily I enjoyed it. It's cold again and is supposed to snow tomorrow. That's New England for you!
jac said…
You have a pretty new change in the blog look. Preparation for New Year ???

I too like a warm weather.
So So Simple said…
Well of course Anali
November 30th is the last day of Spring here and we are now rushing into Summer.
It's not that warm here yet but hopefully all will change shortly.
We walked around your Common earlier this year on our Boston experience.
Early April just as it was starting to warm up.
Thought it was very beautiful.

I have just erected my Xmas tree. What is happening with you?
Do you decorate your trees this early or wait till Christmas Eve?
Lotus Reads said…
Hey Anali,

Lovely post and beautiful pictures. Your blog is sporting a new look, isn't it? I like it! Goodness, where did that warm weather go? It's freezing here today, brrrrr!
Lisa Johnson said…
jac - Thank you! I guess I do like to shake things up a bit for the start of a new year. Also, I get bored with the same look sometimes.

so simple - Well, we were plunged back into winter. It snowed last night, just a dusting though on the trees and the ground. It's kind of pretty, like confectionary sugar!

Growing up, my parents always waited until Christmas Eve to decorate the tree and sometimes they still do. I go over their house, so I don't get a tree of my own, but I do have a large ficus tree and a palm like tree that I keep covered in tiny white lights. I decorate both of them as my Christmas tree plants! I'll have to take some pictures.

lotus reads - Thank you and yes, the blog header is different!

My Corel Photo Album software creates collages pretty easily, so I tried it! I'll probably change the pictures around every once in a while.

I feel like my blog header is kind of like clothes. I get bored with the same look all the time.
jac said…
So what change you plan for you. :))
Lisa Johnson said…
jac - Stay tuned! : )
Anonymous said…
the dome structure. the fifth photo. is that a small door going inside that 'thing'? the one on the left just beside the bin. i wonder what's inside.
Lisa Johnson said…
avila - You are very observant! I see the door now that you pointed it out. I think it goes underneath the dome. I have no idea what is down there. Very interesting...
Dezel Quillen said…
Lucky Duck : ) Is the weather still nice ? Jack Frost has landed here and it is very cold. I hope we have one or two more nice spells of 'Unexpected Warmth'.

Happy Sipping!

Lisa Johnson said…
dezel - It's freeeeeeeezing now! Look at my weather pixie up to the right! She has a coat and scarf on now. When I did this post, she had on a short sleeve T-shirt!

Currently it's 27 degrees! I just put out my garbage and recycling and there is ice on the steps. Winter is here!!
Lisa Johnson said…
gunfighter - I noticed your weather pixie doesn't have a coat on! He must be freezing!!

And Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!

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