Conform To Chocolate

Sometimes it's good to follow the masses. To conform to what others are thinking even though the thoughts are not our own. To fall under the spell of society and succumb to a group-think mentality.

No, this blog wasn't taken over by evil forces. But I have been noticing on a lot of blogs and websites out there, with increasing frequency, people are drawing, photographing, talking about, drinking, and reviewing the myriad varieties of hot chocolate.

I had to make another run to Trader Joe's today and was swept up in the tidal wave of hot chocolate. They have so many kinds!! I figured I was actually being frugal, because the cost of one container of hot chocolate would be the cost of just one small cup if I bought it in a restaurant. So I just saved a lot of money. I bought three different varieties.

Tonight I opened TJ's own Natural Mint Cocoa. I was a bit disappointed that the container was only half full. Hey, I'm being positive about it at least! I could have said it was half empty. Aside from suddenly feeling that I wasn't being so frugal, I loved this cocoa. It wasn't as sweet as I normally prefer, but the chocolate is very rich and has just the right amount of mint. I added a dollop of whipped cream to top it off. Perfection!


You know, just today I almost bought some fancy hot chocolate ( this even though I really don't like making hot chocolate. I'de rather just eat a chocolate bar). And I did think to myself that strangely I had been thinking about hot chocolate more than usual...: )
Gunfighter said…
You know... I love hot chocolate. I really do, but when you get right down to it, I guess I just fall back on my working class New Jersey roots.

I'll have a packet of Swiss MIss instant cocoa and have done with it.



PS: Who doesn't love Trader Joe's???
FH said…
I love hot chocolate! You are right, Anali.Glass is always half full!:)) You are my kinda girl.Luv ya,my friend!Have a great week.
wheresmymind said…
Yum dude...that looks so damn good!
karmic said…
Hot chocolate, soem of us liek to classify it under "comfort food".
Trader Joe's is a place I can always find a reason to shop at.
Later :)
Lisa Johnson said…
imagined-community - LOL! You were almost swept up too!

bill - Nothing wrong with some Swiss Miss. I love that too. It's hard to go wrong with any kind of chocolate.

asha - You have a great week too!

wheresmymind - Imagine how it would look if I had your camera! : )

sanjay - It is definitely one of the ultimate comfort foods! Or should that be comfort beverage? It doesn't quite have the same ring...
karrie said…
Have you tried the dark hot chocolate at LA Burdick's in Harvard Square? It is amazing--but almost too rich to finish. Almost.
Lisa Johnson said…
karrie - Yum! Dark hot chocolate! I've never tried it. I haven't been to Harvard Square in a long time. I'll have to make a point of going there next time. Maybe I should take a trip there just to try it...

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