Cool Links - Beta

Maybe you've noticed that I've been adding new links to the sidebar. Travel is a new section and something I definitely want to do more of.

Since my blog is now in beta and it's been going pretty well, I thought I'd try a new beta section for links that seem kind of cool, but are not yet fully tested by me. They may stay around for a while or not. The links will rotate.

I just read an article about a new website called The site offers a taxi ride-sharing service to and from the airport in New York City and plans to expand to other cities. Here is the article. And this website is making its grand debut as the first in my new Cool Links Beta section.


Nance said…

Does the beta version make it easier to add content to the sidebar or to your template in general, or are you just really good at it because you bought books on html? I have trouble adding sidebar content and getting it to go where I want it; I usually just end up deleting it and saying forget about it.
Lisa Johnson said…
nance - No, I wouldn't say it makes it easier to add content to the sidebar, but the whole publishing experience is instantaneous. And I haven't had any problems uploading photos since switching to beta. Before it was a constant issue.

I do a lot of experimentation and the books helped. Plus I've asked Google User Groups for information. People are really helpful. If you have any specific questions you want to ask, I'll help as best I can.
I say cool to the cool links. i personally love to go click through blogrolls and sidebar links, there is so much interesting stuff that I never would have found if it hadn't been for other people sidebars. ~jennifer
wheresmymind said…
Blogger has been a little hit or miss lately
by the way anali, did you know that "That's Empress To You," tagged you to write "9 wierdo things I do." I know this because I clicked on one of your cool links ; ) ~ jennifer
PunditMom said…
I've been hesitant to do the beta. Do you think it's worth it?

Also, thanks for stopping by Column Quest. I'll actually be in your neck of the woods this weekend at the Nieman Conference!
Dezel Quillen said…
Hello Anali,

I like your new look with the tags and all. The other features sound and look really neat, I just have'nt been brave enough to switch over since hearing so many nightmare stories. Like punditmom I have been hesitant as well. that picture Nance.

Happy Sipping!

Gunfighter said…
Well done, Anali!

I switched to the beta a while back, and am glad I did. MY blog was new enough that I wasn't to worried about losing content etc... and I am only just learning how to use the bloody thing, hence the pictures I have been posting.


Lisa Johnson said…
imagined-community - Hey Jennifer! I'm glad you like the cool links. I love to check out other peoples too. I found quite a few on your blog. You have some great ones!

And thanks for letting me know about the tag. I had seen it, but it was taking me a long time to do. Plus it's nice to know that someone has my back, in case I miss a tag! : )

jeff- That's what I was noticing before I switched. And I was always checking for the Blogger status updates and the beta version was never included, because it seemed to be doing fine.

punditmom - Welcome! At this point, I would recommend it. I guess I was also prepared to lose everything and start from scratch if I had to, but luckily it was a pretty smooth transition. It is so much easier! And I like the labels.

You're quite welcome. I like your blogs. I've been seeing you on the blogs I visit, so I figured I'd drop by! The conference looks really interesting. You'll have a great time! Have you been here before?

dezel - Thanks! And congratulations again on the new writing spot! How exciting!

gunfighter - Thank you! I agree. I think I should have switched sooner actually.

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