Monday, October 9, 2006

Unexpected Beauty

Today was a beautiful fall day in Massachusetts. It was warm, all the way up to 80. I was driving and saw this beautiful golf course through the trees. I pulled over and took this picture.

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samuru999 said...

Oh, I wish I was there instead of
here. We might get snow tonight!
Too cold here for me...
for this time of year!
I just might be skiing next week!
Which I will love!!!!
Enjoy that beautiful weather there!


P.S Beautiful pic.

wheresmymind said...

Yesterday was FAB! I went for a walk around the Public Gardens :D

starry nights said...

Looks like a beautiful day.calm and serene.thanks for sharing.

avila said...

what a coincident. i'm off to hit some balls. maybe 'hit the wind' too...

Anali said...

samuru999 - It's definitely too soon for snow! It's getting cold here again, but the warmth was nice while it lasted.

wheresmymind - Great day for a walk through the gardens, although just about any day is a good one.

starry nights - You're welcome! Glad you enjoyed it.

avila - I hope you had a good game and hit more balls than wind!

Dezel said...

Hello Anali,

Beautiful picture, certainly worth the stop indeed. Those types of days just left here and the chill bug is surfacing, hopefully the sunny and mildly warm days will make one last surge.

Happy Sipping!


Anali said...

dezel - Thank you! I'm glad I enjoyed it, because we are supposed to get our first frost tonight! Brrrrrrrr!!

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