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I'm having a very lazy Sunday morning and early afternoon, but unfortunately I must work a few hours later today. It's very hard to make myself go in, but I'm making up for time that I missed this week. I had a few things to do, which resulted in shorter days at work. Because of the shorter days, it made more sense to drive in to work rather than take the T.

With all the driving, I have no Subway Stories of my own. However, I read a great story on another blog called Grand Mental Station. The post is called "Mothers." Some stories are too beautiful not to share. I hope you enjoy it.


Margie said…
Loved this!
Thanks for sharing it here!
starry said…
Anali..thanks for sharing this beautiful post. We do get lost in ourselves sometimes and fail to notice the people around us.even a small thing like this can bring a smile to ones face.
Lisa Johnson said…
samuru999 - I'm glad you liked it!

starry nights - You're quite welcome! It's true that something so small can make your whole day brighter.

avila samuel - Yes, you are right! If it is something long like a poem or a book review, you can give the name of it and a link, so others can find it.
So So Simple said…
I read the blog how cute.

I was a bit excited when we were in Boston in April (first visit)... to go on the subway... immediately thought of the Kingston Trio Song about the MTA where some poor sod got stuck on the train and couldn’t get off very amusing

You may have to Google the song anali it's probably way before you were born

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