Birthday Cake, Horoscopes & Freebies

This cake was delicious! I had a very enjoyable and relaxing birthday today and my horoscope for the upcoming year is looking up.
"Romance might be your middle name for many of the upcoming months of this year."

Celebrity September 11 Birthdays
Actor Earl Holliman is 78. Movie director Brian De Palma is 66. Drummer Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead is 63. Guitarist Leo Kottke is 61. Guitarist Tommy Shaw of Styx is 53. Drummer Jon Moss of Culture Club is 49. Actress Roxann Dawson ("Star Trek: Voyager") is 48. Actor Scott Patterson ("Gilmore Girls") is 48. Actress Kristy McNichol is 44. Actress Virginia Madsen ("American Dreams") is 43. Musician Moby is 41. Singer Harry Connick Jr. is 39. Actress Laura Wright ("Guiding Light") is 36. Guitarist Jeremy Popoff of Lit is 35. Singer Brad Fischetti of LFO is 31. Rapper Mr. Black is 29. Guitarist Jon Buckland of Coldplay is 29. Rapper Ludacris is 29.

Free stuff on your birthday.


Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday dear Anali,
happy birthday to you.

11th September, certainly a day to remember.
wheresmymind said…
Happy B-Day!! I know, a day late, but I wasn't doin' the internet thing much yesterday! My cousin got married on 9/11 back in 99(?)...I hope he had a great day too.
Lisa Johnson said…
something from me - Thank you! Yes, it certainly is quite literally a day for the history books.

wheresmymind - Thank you! I can imagine you were probably pretty busy and feeling a bit drained. Your post was so beautiful!! Yesterday my Dad kept telling me that lots of wonderful things happened on September 11th too. And your cousin's wedding was one of them!
Dezel Quillen said…
Hello Anali,

A Happy belated Birthday to you! I you Hope you had a nice and enjoyable Birthday; the cake looks yummy! No ice cream (lol)? So finally of legal age to buy that vino huh : )

Happy Sipping!

Jeseem said…
happy birthday miss. lawyer
so does a piece of cake get sent to me :P

so guess u r all set to go and prove ur horoscope rt. :)
Mosilager said…
Happy belated birthday, ARL (Anali Romance Lawyer). Nice cake.
Lisa Johnson said…
dezel - Thank you! I debated about taking the picture before or after ice cream, well actually frozen yogurt, but decided on before. I didn't want any melting issues happening. And yes, it is so wonderful to finally be 21! : )

jeseem - Thank you! I emailed you a piece of cake. Yum! Actually my horoscope is already right. A very wonderful man sent me some very beautiful flowers at work. I was a birthday spectacle yesterday! Thank you G!

mosilager - Thank you! I like the sound of that. ARL! LOL!
Margie said…
Oh my... that cake looks so yummy!
I would like a piece for my tummy!

So glad you had a great day!
Romance is in the air!
Would that not be great!

Take care!
Anonymous said…
Happy belated Birthday!

I know it's late, but still wishing you a great day today. :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I just realized I didn't have cake on my birthday! This might be a first.
Lisa Johnson said…
quel - Thank you for the birthday wish! And you are quite welcome. I love your blog! You have to have some cake - even if it's late!
Dotm said…
Happy Birthday anali, even if it is late.
I saw your comment on Jac`s blog and decided to come and see your blog.
Lisa Johnson said…
dotm - Thank you! All birthday wishes are welcome! : )

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