Food For Thought

Sometimes I come across random things that interest me, but they don't seem quite enough for a post of their own. I've decided to lump them all together into posts that I'm calling Food For Thought. For those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I love food. Thus, the "Food Porn" links. Like a summertime pasta salad, I'm putting a bunch of stuff together and hoping for the best. I made this pasta salad the other night by this very method and it was pretty yummy. I hope you'll find these morsels just as tasty. Bon Appetit!

Delight Your Senses

Are you in the New England area and looking for something fun to do? Check out Waterfire in Providence, Rhode Island. It reminds me of Boston's First Night that takes place on New Year's Eve, except in warm weather. The smell of burning wood is incredible. The lights, the water, the music... It's really romantic, so go with someone you love.

And speaking of incredible smells, I have a new favorite fragrance. It's called Leaves, by Elizabeth W.

I love Trader Joe's and it is about time that I make another run. I found their Special Edition Fearless Flyer listing their top 100 (plus 4) products.


Looking for some fresh produce in Massachusetts? Find a Farmers Market.

This weekend, August 12-13, 2006, Massachusetts is having another Sales Tax Holiday. Shop and save on the 5% sales tax! Policy wise I'm not a big fan, but I may actually make a few purchases...

The Big Picture

Interested in the sky above us? When is the next new moon? What time is sunset tonight? Go to the website for the U.S. Naval Observatory and learn about all things astronomical.

There will soon be 300 million people in the United States. Currently there are 299,435,617. Want to keep track? Go to the website for the U.S. Census Bureau.

Want to go to a drive-in movie, but not sure where to find one? Check out this database and search for open drive-ins.


wheresmymind said…
Only problem with Firewater is you have to go to Providence!!! hehe j/k
Lisa Johnson said…
wheresmymind - Oh! Poor Providence. They try so hard! : )
Anonymous said…
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