Chocolate Heaven & 666

I just made chocolate sorbet by accident. Well, maybe it’s not really sorbet. I think sorbet is not supposed to have milk in it, so this is something else. Let me tell you how it happened.

Last night I was craving chocolate. My mom gave me some packages of instant chocolate pudding months ago and I never used it. I was rummaging through my kitchen cabinets yesterday and found them. I decided to double the recipe, which I know is usually a bad idea, but I was still tired from the convention and in some sort of chocolate-deprivation haze.

I put 4 cups of cold rice milk in a bowl and added two packages of the pudding. Then I used an electric mixer on high for 2 minutes and put in the freezer hoping it would solidify faster. After about a half an hour, it was still liquid, though quite tasty. I admit to slurping down several spoonfuls. I put the container in the fridge overnight and thought I would have some chocolate pudding to take with me for a nice snack at work.

Then this morning, which I guess is yesterday at this point, I opened the container and it was still liquid. Hey, yesterday was 6/6/06, maybe Beelzebub caused the problem! Anyway, no pudding for me, so I stuck it in the freezer just to solidify it. Tonight, I tried it and this frozen pudding is pure creamy chocolate Heaven! I’m going to make this mistake on purpose next time!


Hey Anali,
Sounds like a good mistake. You should publish a recipe book, 'Accidental cooking'.

Thanks again for all your comments, they are appreciated.

The next few posts will take a few dramatic turns, and hopefully a few surprises.

This story spans three years. So there is still so much to tell.
wheresmymind said…
Well..if that was the case that Beelzebub caused the problem, that's the most exciting thing I heard happen in relation to 6/6/06!! lol

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