Subway Stories

I work in Boston and commute in from Quincy just about every weekday. Anyone who has ever driven into the city during the week, knows this particularly excruciating form of traffic hell.

For those of you who are not familiar with Boston’s transit system, it is the MBTA,which everyone calls the “T.” I walk to the T from my house and take it almost every day.

Taking the T is definitely the easiest way to get around. Also, there is always something going on in and around the T - conversations overheard, people trying to avoid making eye contact, vendors selling food, clothing, jewelry, and incense, to the homeless trying to stay warm. There is always a story.

I’ve been writing some fiction, so I am always observing interesting people as character studies. The T is brimming over with them. I’ve decided to make “Subway Stories” a regular series on this blog. Stay tuned for the first installment!


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