#TBT Whole Living Magazine: The Saga Continues

*Updated 8/17/2015*
I have created a Facebook community with a similar feel to the magazine. 
Take a look here if, you are interested.


If you haven't read my previous two posts about this magazine, you might like to take a look here and here. Believe me. It's too much to catch you up briefly here.

Now that you're caught up, I figured I would share my most recent news relating to this long ago Whole Living subscription.

So as of last spring, I received a refund and then started receiving free issues of Family Circle. Nothing like Whole Living, but whatever.

Then those stopped and I started receiving Ladies Home Journal. Again, nothing like Whole Living, and not a choice that I would make, but they were free, so I read them. I was sick of calling about the magazines, so I just went with it and assumed they would stop sending me free magazines eventually.

Well, I received LHJ every month up until about a few months ago. I'm always behind in my magazine reading and finally caught up on the last issue. Which was really the last issue.

LHJ stopped publishing the monthly edition of the magazine. Well, that was a surprise. I'm glad they at least announced it in the magazine, so that subscribers would know what was going on.

I figured that was the end of these unwanted free magazines. When a couple of weeks ago Every Day with Rachel Ray appeared in my mailbox. Seriously??!! I could not believe it.

I did read the magazine and it wasn't as bad as I expected. But I don't watch her show and after my dinner club's experience with her recipes, I'm still not a fan. I admire all that she's done, she's living the foodie dream, but I really don't want to receive her magazine every month. Even for free!

So I called the publisher Meredith, spoke to customer service (888-616-7679) and explained my dilemma. I said that if it was somehow required that I keep receiving free magazines, I'd like to receive one that I enjoy and want to read.

The woman that I spoke to was very polite. I asked for the Rachel Ray magazines to stop and wondered if I could get MORE, which I have read and thought was pretty good.

She said that I'd get a couple more issues of Rachel Ray's magazine, then I'll get close to another year free of MORE. I'm looking forward to it!

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Esme said…
customer service at its best-this sounds like a nightmare. I have a physician that sent me to collections even though the bill was paid-funny thing was a client was complaining about the same provider that sent him to collections-same situation and that evening there was the notice for me in my mailbox.
Lisa Johnson said…
Esme - Legal karma! : )

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