Spice It Up!

Recently I've been using more curry and ginger in my cooking. I decided to buy some turmeric too, which is a key component of curry.

I'm not a medical doctor, so I am not giving medical advice, but my mother's doctor mentioned to her recently that turmeric has anti-inflammatory benefits. It's something that I had read before as well.

All three of these spices provide wonderful flavor, color and health benefits, so I decided to make my own special mixture of the three.

I combined a 1/4 cup of each in a small bowl. Whisked them together. Then used a funnel to pour the mixture into two glass bottles. One for me and one for my mom.

It will make it that much easier for us to use more of these spices everyday. As I whisked, the aroma of these spices was pretty intense. Another benefit to using these spices!

Do you have any favorite spices that you're using lately?

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Can-Can said…
-I use turmeric, garlic powder, Spanish paprika, chili powder, oregano and herbes de Provence. Also use marjoram and thyme a lot.
I bought dried basil but don't seem to use it as much as fresh basil. I even use garlic powder when I use fresh garlic - nearly everyday.
Lisa Johnson said…
Can-Can - My mom is growing basil in her garden and I'm hoping for some! There's nothing like fresh and I want to make some pesto!

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