Life List #92: Carousels

This summer has been a fun one, but it's going by way too fast!  I have so many partial posts in draft waiting to be written that it's getting ridiculous. There's just no time!

I figured that I could get this post out fairly quickly before heading off to work this morning. I haven't written about my Life List lately.  I'm still working on it though behind the scenes.

A few weeks ago, some friends and I had a nice brunch,  took a walk around Charles Street, then up around Beacon Hill, through the Public Gardens and Boston Common. I took a ton of pictures!

If you look on my Instagram, you'll see a lot of them. I just realized that I didn't blog the brunch yet either.

Well, here's a small step forward. I took pictures of a mini-carousel in a window and a regular sized carousel. Either way, they are just lovely.

Have a great day!

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