A New Food Movie ~ The Hundred-Foot Journey

Last night G and I attended a special screening of The Hundred-Foot Journey. The movie opens tonight and should be playing in a theater somewhere near you.

It's a delicious feel good movie that will leave you hungry. So you should probably eat before you see it. Preferably some Indian food. Because if you're like me, you'll be craving it after. The power of suggestion!

Movies like this always bring back my fantasy of having a tiny bakery. People lining up to buy my scones that sell out everyday....

But I digress. The movie is wonderful to see and there were so many foods that I wanted to eat.

The cast is great. I adore Helen Mirren. She's one of my favorite actresses. Have you read about how she stays fit? The Royal Canadian Air Force Exercise Plan. Fascinating!

Speaking of staying fit and looking good.The actor Manish Dayal is quite pleasant to gaze at as well. I told you the movie is delicious!

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Disclosure: Movie tickets were complimentary and I got a free whisk too! Thank you!

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Can-Can said…
I saw this today in between appointments. I enjoyed it - and you're right, you should eat before you go in. Very lush and light. Sumptuous.
Lisa Johnson said…
Can-Can - Glad you liked it!

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