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Fifty years ago today, on July 2, 1964, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 became law. If you recently watched Freedom Summer on PBS, you can see that the passage of this legislation did not come easily. So many died and were injured so that those living and those of us who would be born after could have a chance at a better life in this country.

We have a ways to go when it comes to full access to all that the United States has to offer. Those with disabilities still struggle when it comes to the basics of getting around. I wrote before about how I was so happy to learn about sand wheelchairs for the beach.

My brother has limited mobility and it surprised me to read that back when I wrote that post in 2010, he was still using crutches to get around. Since then, his mobility has decreased and he uses a walker.

Whenever we go someplace together or with our family, thinking about how he'll be able to get around is an issue. Stairs are the enemy and seating is sometimes a concern as well.

While on Facebook yesterday, I saw the picture above of an accessible picnic table. What a great idea! For my brother, sometimes it's easier for him to just sit on his walker, so he often needs to be able to move seats out of the way. This picnic table would work for him and for those who might be in wheelchairs.

With the 4th of July just days away, we are in full summer mode! It's time for eating outdoors and visits to the beach. With more creative thinking about how different people move about, hopefully there will be more items like sand wheelchairs and accessible picnic tables, so that all of us can enjoy these summer months.

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Photo Credit: Including Samuel | A Documentary by Dan Habib

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