Hey Boston! Free Duck Boat Tours + A Greek Yogurt Taste-Off!

There's so much going on in Boston! This morning, I saw the Good Humor Man handing out free ice cream. He was quite a hit in this heat!

Plus, I just learned that for those of you in Boston over the next few days, you'll have the opportunity to ride the Duck Boats for free courtesy of Yoplait Greek Yogurt.

There will be a limited number of tickets for free rides on July 3rd, July 4th and July 5th. Get the details by clicking here

Also, all riders will be able to participate in a Yoplait Greek Yogurt Taste-Off. According to an email that I received, "a national taste test revealed that 2 out of 3 consumers prefer the taste of Yoplait Greek Blueberry to Chobani’s Blueberry fruit on the bottom."

The Taste-Off will be a side-by-side taste test. It will be interesting to see which yogurt Boston chooses. I haven't tried either of these. Any thoughts on which one will be the winner?

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Flickr Photo Credit: Duck Boat by James Diedrick.

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