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I've written about Market Basket here before. It's a pretty amazing chain of grocery stores in New England. It's a favorite of not just consumers, but of employees too, because of the fair way that they have been treated.

The store is family operated and there has been a lot of in-fighting over the years. Recently the former and much beloved CEO, Arthur T. Demoulas was ousted by the Board of Directors. Employees demanded that Demoulas be reinstated or they would walk off the job. Workers were told that if they walked out, they would be fired.

Things escalated over this past weekend. Workers walked off the job, but deny they are striking. They just want Demoulas reinstated as CEO. Since then, several workers have been fired and supplies are running out in the stores.

Customers support the employees and many are talking about a boycott. Things are heating up. The Twitter stream above will keep updating.

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As the day goes on and people continue to rally to bring back #ATD as he's being called on Twitter, I'm reminded of the devotion between Aaron Feuerstein and his employees after a devastating fire to Malden Mills right before Christmas. Feuerstein paid the salaries of employees while he was rebuilding.

An article about the fire on Mass Moments explains his reasoning for the way he treated his employees.
"Feuerstein, a devout Orthodox Jew, explained that he drew on Jewish tradition when faced with the crisis: "When all is moral chaos, this is the time for you to be a mensch," the Yiddish word for an honorable, decent, compassionate person who embodies justice and strives for righteousness."
Sadly, his efforts weren't enough and Malden Mills was lost to creditors. Feurstein was removed as CEO.  I hope that there is a happier ending with Market Basket. The Board of Directors has the opportunity to take advantage of a lot of goodwill for the store right now and bring back ATD. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds.

*Updated 7/31/2014* In case you haven't seen my follow-up post called What Would Olivia Pope Do? Take a look here.

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