Top 8 Links: S'mores

This past week has been rather rainy and gloomy here in the Boston area. But it's June and I know that sunny summer days are ahead! A favorite summer childhood memory is of making s'mores at family barbecues.

I did have a particular marshmallow aversion for awhile after me, my brother and two cousins made ourselves sick by eating a huge bag of giant marshmallows. What were we thinking?! I guess our little kid brains weren't going with logic at that point!

While I don't eat s'mores that often, they're a special summer treat that people of all ages will enjoy. August is National S'mores Month, so you have plenty of time to test some recipes and get ready for August 10th, which is National S'mores Day.

One of my favorite Pinterest boards, Want S'more?, is where I gather all my favorite s'mores finds. Here are some s'mores links that I think are especially great!

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S'mores Semifreddo ~ (I Heart Eating)

S'mores Baskets ~ (My Life At Playtime)

S'mores Dip ~ (The Recipe Critic)

Peter Callahan Mini S'mores ~ (Brides | Photo by Con Poulos)

S'mores Donuts ~ (Buns In My Oven)

S'mores Sundae ~ (Savory Simple)

S'more Tart ~ (Hint of Vanilla)

Gluten-Free Vegan Graham Crackers + S'mores Bites ~ (Allyson Kramer)

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