Boston's Tap Water Wins National Taste Test!

Having access to clean water is a necessity for everyday living, but it's also a luxury when looking at other parts of the world. According to FACE Africa, "800 million people globally lack access to safe water supply sources with 350 million people in Africa alone affected everyday."

Back in May 2010, the Boston area was under a boil water order for several days. Just those few days made me realize how much I take clean water for granted.

It's nice knowing that I can drink my local tap water, but it was even nicer to recently learn that Boston's tap water was voted the best tasting in the nation!

The Boston Water and Sewer Commission was "Best of the Best" winning first place and second place went to the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority according to the American Water Works Association.

Either way, the Boston area officially has great tasting tap water. I agree. While I do use a PUR Water Pitcher with a filter, it's still tap water that I drink.

YES! Magazine has an article about why the water here tastes so good. Here's an excerpt below.
"Boston’s secret ingredient? Watershed protection. Between 1985 and 2012, the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority—from which Boston buys its water—purchased conservation land in the watersheds that feed the Quabbin and Wachusett reservoirs to the city’s west, the sources of Boston’s water.

Forests in the protected area clean the water naturally so that by the time it gets to the city it requires only limited filtering. There’s no need for the cocktail of chemicals most cities’ water utilities use."
I'm so glad that The Standells' song Dirty Water is just a nice tune to listen to and not the truth!

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Flickr Photo Credit: Glass of Water by Greg Riegler.

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