Top 8 Links: Pinterest

I've found endless amounts of pleasure on Pinterest. The first time I tried it, I didn't get what the big deal was. Maybe I was following the wrong people or not enough people. The second time I tried it, I fell in love.

If I haven't pinned in more than a couple of days, take it as a distress signal! Something is wrong! : )

Here are some of things that I've found lately. Hope you enjoy!

* * *

This stunning photo from Pinterest Board: Vintage Beauty

A lovely outdoor space from Pinterest Board: Cozy Comfy

Maybe I could make this knit throw from Pinterest Board: Crafty

I want this tote from Pinterest Board: I Carry Stuff

A favorite quote by Maggie Kuhn from Pinterest Board: Living Inspired

Hope to make these tea party sandwiches from Pinterest Board: Tasty

'Tis the season for picnics from Pinterest Board: Stuff I Like

The writer in me can't resist this notebook t-shirt from Pinterest Board: Fashionista

+ + +
Photo credits from left to right: 1) Unknown; 2) Via Espacio Vital; 3) All Free Knitting; 4) Madewell Transport Tote; 5) Imaginations & Revelations; 6) Celebrations At Home; 7) Camille Styles; E For Effort.

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