Top 8 Links: Cinco de Mayo

Today is May 5th aka Cinco de Mayo. To many here in the United States, thoughts of the day do not stretch beyond having a few drinks.

From what I'm reading, it's not a big holiday in Mexico and it is not Mexico's Independence Day.

This roundup of links may be quirky, but hopefully it will take us beyond the alcohol and give us a few more things to think about when it comes to Mexico.

* * *

Oregon and Mexico have a long connection (Statesman Journal)

10 things you probably don't know about Mexico City (CNN)

Cinco de Mayo – The most popular celebration not celebrated in Mexico…(KarmaFreeCooking)

Rethinking Cinco de Mayo (Zinn Education Project)

Faux Mexi-Embroidered Shirt (Crafty Chica)

Cinco De Mayo: Whose Holiday Is It, Anyway? (NPR)

Why I’m in love with Mexican pan dulce (The Mija Chronicles)

Mexican Desserts (Food & Wine)

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Photo Credit: From the exhibit, Oaxaca: Images and Echoes by Richard Wilkins

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