Goodwill Find - My New Chair (Before + After)

*Updated 5/28/2014* Check out the After After of this chair!
*Updated 6/23/18*  I'm at it again! See the 3rd version.
I've been on the lookout for a new chair. Getting ideas on Pinterest and putting money aside. With my car dying in January and my phone dying this week, the money part did not work out as planned.

Last week I was in the Goodwill Store in Quincy and saw the chair above for $4.99. It looked rather grimy, but was sturdy and I could envision something more. Plus the price was right

In 2009, I did another chair makeover with this chair that I found at a yard sale and made it into a very unique chair that I really liked. Unfortunately, it became less sturdy over the years and I realized that I find arm chairs much more comfortable. Also, the paint that I used was not the greatest and started chipping.

Armed with the lessons that I learned the last time, I resolved to find an arm chair. I already had the sand paper that I would need before painting and the staple gun to do the cushion.

Sewfisticated Discounted Fabrics in Dorchester had just what I needed the last time. So I went back and got another foam chair pad for the seat cushion, some batting to make a cushion on top of the back and some fabric. The prices are very good and I have some of the flower fabric left to use for something else as well as the other material. I'm not sure what it is, but it's like a fake leather and can be cleaned very easily. They were both $2.99 a yard.

Lowe's in Quincy is where I found my paint supplies. My big splurge was the paint, Valspar Reserve. It was about $20.00 for a quart. I didn't use a primer, but I must say that I used more than one coat. I love the coverage and the glossy finish. There is still a lot of paint left, so I can use it again for my next chair. 

Another thing that I did differently this time was to buy a small roller for painting. It worked well and I just used a small brush to get the corners. 

I haven't added everything all up, but basically I got a new chair for under $50.00. Not bad! It's really comfortable and I was so inspired that I rearranged the entire room! I love it and feel that there is a better flow with more space.

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Can-Can said…
Congrats on the find and making it new. You might want to check out Freddy Farkel's Fabric Store in Watertown. They have lots of fabric for reupholstering, drapes, etc.
Lisa Johnson said…
can-can - Thanks for the tip!

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