Boston's smellwalk is finally on the radio!

Last August, I went on a smellwalk around Boston. You can finally listen to the show on Public Radio International and hear parts of our smellwalk.

Photo of Kate McLean by Karen Zgoda
You can read the article too, by reporter Sarah Reynolds. Below is an excerpt.
“We rarely have a common language for smell, which is another reason for putting it on a map and saying okay, it starts here,” McLean says. “It’s a suggestion about what you might smell when you’re here, but really it’s a call to go outside and actually smell for yourself.”

Ten of us weave through the aromas of the neighborhood. There’s a lot to smell on this block. I’m getting garlic and pavement and rubber tires.

“It smells really smoky in places; not bad, just smoky, like a cooking smoke, not a cigarette smoke. I’m hungry now,” says Lisa Johnson, a food blogger on the smell tour.

The smell walk was one of the highlights from my recap of last year. I'm looking forward to seeing what this August will have in store!

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