Late July Organic Snacks

So today, G randomly asks if I want some gluten free chips. First, I'm not a big chip person, which he knows.

Second, he bought gluten free and specifically referred to them as gluten free?! I guess my food blogging ways are rubbing off on him.

Anyway, I was intrigued. Then I was finishing the bag! Though G had some too. These Late July chips are addictive!

After I had eaten the chips, I started looking more closely at the package to learn more about the company.

According to the website and package, these delicious snacks are not only certified gluten free, they are USDA organic and free from GMOs, toxic persistent pesticides and antibiotics.

Late July chips are not only made in America, they are made in Massachusetts! Right in lovely Barnstable on Cape Cod.

It's a family company too. The Co-Founder and CEO Nicole Bernard Dawes is the daughter of the founder of Cape Cod Potato Chips, Stephen Bernard. I guess the chip doesn't fall far from the family tree!

Ten percent of their profits are donated to summer camp scholarships, which makes sense. A company called Late July that makes tasty snacks has got to be all about summer fun!

Not to wish away chilly April showery days like today. We know what April showers bring. But I am looking forward to the sunny warmth of July.

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Photo credit: Amazon

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