Roundup: iPura Tweet & Blogfest ~ #SENA14

So, that's all she wrote. Almost. This will be the last SENA post for the contest. I gave it my best shot. If I win, there will be a massively excited update! Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to enter the second contest, but it was just too much in too short of a time.

The iPura blog had some nice things to say about my efforts, which I really appreciate.
Lisa burst into the competition with command and never let up. Brandishing a dizzying array of topics, personal anecdotes, sharp sense for science and a storyteller's zeal for taking an audience to new places, Lisa's work has made a big splash and makes for even better reading Apparently, she has Varuna at her side!
The video above is from when I first looked in on the main floor before entering. It seems like a fitting video to end with too.

Below are all links to my 13 blog posts and a Pinterest Board for the contest in case you'd like to take a look. I'll be using them for reference when I need to check on seafood sustainability before going grocery shopping.

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Yes. I Went to Marine Science Camp.

Trash Fish Dinners

Tips on Eating Sustainable Seafood ~ Recipes Included

When Culture & Seafood Sustainability Collide

Does Seafood Have A Reputation Problem?

Bumble Bee Wild Selections + Sustainable Seafood Labeling

Looking In: #SENA14 ~ iPura Tweet & Blogfest

Sustainable Seafood: There's An App For That

{Video} Shining Ocean's Surimi at Seafood Expo North America

{Video} Made in America: U.S. Farm-Raised Catfish

{Video} The Scallops Whispered To Me + The Sustainability of Conch

{Video} Rich Terry Talks Sewansecott Oysters + Clams

{Video} Fruits De Mer Had Me At Hello

Pinterest: Seafood (Health,  Meals + Culture)

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Disclosure: I received press credentials for complimentary admission to SENA.

*Update 3/26/2014* "King" Richard of The Passionate Foodie kept his crown and won the iPura Tweet & Blogfest Award for the third time. However, my coverage won the GAA Seafood Sustainability Award!

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Margie said…
Good luck, Lisa.
Hope you win :)
Lisa Johnson said…
Margie - Thank you so much! : )

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