Looking In: #SENA14 ~ iPura Tweet & Blogfest

In case you didn't see my first Seafood Expo post explaining about the contest, you may be wondering why so many posts. Well, they are my entries in the iPura Tweet & Blogfest.

The deadline is tomorrow at midnight and the competition is tough! I am Tweeting and blogging my heart out and aim to win! Below is a nice mention that I received on iPura's blog.
The opening salvo in the blog contest was launched by Lisa Johnson, publisher of "Anali's First Amendment."  Her first post arrived the day before the competition, letting the other bloggers know that there's a new kid in town and sending a warning shot over the bow of defending champion, Richard Auffrey.

It takes a lot of work to dethrone a king! So there will be a few more Seafood Expo posts and Tweets!

The pictures above are a peek into SENA. The salmon samples were delicious! Below is a short video that I shot before going into the event.

More to come soon!

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Disclosure: I received press credentials for complimentary admission to SENA.

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