If you eat, you should see this movie.

Today is Cesar Chavez's birthday. A Mexican-American born in Arizona in 1927, Chavez went on to become an American civil rights icon after helping to organize farm workers. He died in 1993.

It's a holiday in a few states, but not as many as I would think. Hopefully as more people become aware of his work, the campaign to make his birthday a federal holiday will gain momentum or at the very least, his birthday will be declared a National Day of Service. You can click here to sign a petition.

I remember learning about Chavez from my parents one summer when I was a little kid. They told me that there was a boycott. The people who picked the grapes were not being treated fairly and until things changed, we would not be eating grapes.

That seemed so powerful to me, that you could make a difference in the world by deciding how you spent your money or even what you would not eat.

Anything aligned with food has always had a big impact on me. I've written here recently about how the struggle continues now with tomatoes and the Coalition of Immokalee Workers.

There's a new movie about Cesar Chavez that was just released last week. It's recent history for us all and I'm hoping to see the movie soon.

Happy Birthday Cesar Chavez!

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