Free Food Boston! Today. Noon. Kenmore Square. McDonald's Bacon Clubhouse Burger.

In case you've been following my seafood coverage from last week, this burger post might have your head spinning. I don't even eat meat. Also, this may be the first time that I've ever written about McDonald's on this blog.

However, I am always about letting you know when there is free food in Boston. It's my self-proclaimed food blogger duty to tell you!

Because believe me, when I find out that there was free food somewhere that I would have liked to know about and nobody told me, I am not a happy camper!

If you're in the Kenmore Square area today from 12 - 2, the Kenmore Square McDonald's is giving away free Bacon Clubhouse Burgers and a free medium soft drink to the first 500 people.

You may have forgotten to bring your lunch. Or didn't have time to make it. Or maybe you just want a free meal. Nothing wrong with that.

So if you're a meat eater, stop by and get yourself a free meal.

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Photo Credit: McDonald's website

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getmcdonaldscouponsfree said…
Thanks for taking your time writing this post! Cheers!
Lisa Johnson said…
You're welcome!

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